Celebrate Candlemas - 17 Creative Activities for All Ages

Looking for creative ideas to celebrate Candlemas? Here are 17 activities suitable for all generations to explore together. Focusing on three themes: Blessing, Light, & Hope, the activities are ideal for Messy Church, creative worship, kids groups, or home groups.


"Simeon took baby Jesus in his arms & praised God." (Luke 2:28). What actions can we take to bless those around us? 

:: Share a blessing with those around you using these Blessing Pebbles

:: Make a Jar of Blessings. Free printable blessings with scripture quotes are available here - Blessings Jar.

::  Invite everyone to bring a baby photo & pin the images on a board. See if you can guess who everyone is from just their baby photo. 

When Mary & Joseph brought baby Jesus to the temple, Simeon knew in his heart Jesus was the promised Messiah he had longed to see. He continually prayed, giving thanks to God. 

Who are the people who have been a blessing throughout your life? Who are the people who have continually cared for you, nurtured & guided you? Make them a special card to say thank you, even if they are no longer with you. These Heart Cards are ideal for all ages to make.

:: Blessing Biscuits. Make or decorate cookies to share with others. You could use these Stained Glass Cookies as a way to illustrate how God's love shines through our lives. 


"He is a light to reveal God to the nations." (Luke 2:32) 
How can we let the light of Jesus shine through us?

:: Make a Jam Jar Lantern to celebrate & pray for the special people in your life. At the end of the session, gather all the lanterns together & light them. 

:: Make a naturally scented candle from an orange like these Candlemas Candles. You could add a few drops of scented frankincense oil to your melted wax, as a reminder of one of the gifts brought by the Wise Men, which symbolised holiness & worship. The Three Wise Men, like Simeon, recognised that Jesus was holy & worthy of praise.

:: Celebrate Jesus as the Light of the World with these spinning wooden slices. As these spin, you'll see the light in the centre of the world. 

:: Recycle & reuse your old church candles from last year. Melt them down, add a wick to the base of a jam jar & pour in the melted wax. Tie on a blessing, & share them as gifts.

:: Shine your light outdoors with these Wooden Candles. A great nature-based craft for all ages.

:: Design your own Candles using candle wax pens. You could add words of hope, create a pattern, or write your name to show Christ's light shining in you.

:: Make a Clay Candle Holder for someone older or younger than yourself. "Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works, & glorify your Father who is in Heaven" Matthew 5:16

:: Decorate your own mini Lantern. As the light shines through the holes in the lantern, think about how we can let the light of Jesus shine through us. 

:: Pray for different generations across the world using tealights & a world map. Choose a country & as you light your candle, pray for God's light to shine through any difficulties, dangers or disasters that children & adults may be experiencing there. 


"The Holy Spirit had assured Simeon that he would see the Lord's promised Messiah. Led by the Spirit, Simeon went into the Temple & taking Jesus in his arms, he gave thanks to God." (Luke 2:25-27)  "Anna never left the Temple; day & night, she faithfully worshipped God, fasting & praying." (Luke 2:36-37) Simeon & Anna were full of hope. How can bring hope to our world?

:: Let the sun illuminate these Snowdrop Suncatchers & shine a little hope in your neighbourhood.

:: Plant a tree of hope. Encourage older & younger generations to plant a sapling together in your churchyard or community space this Candlemas. Whilst planting the tree, pray for the different generations in your community. As you wait & watch for signs of the sapling to grow, be reminded of the patient faith & hope of Simeon & Anna rooted in God's love.

:: Invite all ages & abilities to participate in a collaborative work of art like this Peace Canvas
The canvas below was created by all ages (0-90 years) at one of our All Age Worship Services celebrating Candlemas. Once it was dry, we added the text "...as a light in the world, to the glory of God" & displayed the canvas in our church welcome area.

:: Decorate a plant pot, add some peat-free compost & sprinkle over a few seeds.

Seeds take time to germinate; we need to nurture them & wait patiently for them to grow. A reminder of Simeon & Anna, who waited many years, faithfully praying that one day they would see the promised Messiah. As the seedlings burst through the soil, they remind us of the hope & new life that Jesus brings.

Whichever activities you choose to use for Candlemas, I hope they are a real blessing to those you share them with.

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