Heart Jam Jar Lantern - Praying for those we Love

This simple Heart Lantern is a great activity for kids to make over half term. Valentine's Day reminds us of those we love, those who make our days brighter, those who care for us unconditionally, & those whose memories will stay with us forever. 

Lighting this lantern reminds us too of the love of Jesus, that light that reaches all, even in the darkest places.

How to make your Heart Lantern

You'll need: one clean jam jar, white / light coloured tissue paper, red tissue paper for the hearts, PVA glue & a paintbrush

:: Start by ripping up the white tissue paper into squares

:: Cut small heart shapes from the red paper

:: Brush the glue with the paintbrush over the outside of the jam jar & start covering with white tissue paper. Once completely covered leave it to dry for an hour or so.

:: Add a thin layer of glue over the surface of the jar & stick your heart shapes on. 

:: Brush another thin layer of glue over each heart & leave to dry.

:: Add a candle to the centre of the jar.

As you light the candle to celebrate the special people in your life you might like to share this prayer:

Loving God, thank you for [name]. Thank you for their love & the light & sparkle they bring to my life. Help me to show the same love to those around me, especially to those in need. Amen