Light of the World - Eco-Friendly Christmas Ornaments with Seeds to Plant

Celebrate Jesus, the Light of the World, with these Eco-friendly Christmas tree ornaments. Ideal for all ages to make either as gifts or decorations, plus after Christmas these can be planted in the new year to grow pumpkins!

Made from natural resources, these Christmas tree decorations don't need glitter or paint to shine! 

To make them you'll need: wood slices or cardboard discs (we used 7cm), colouring pencils, a glue stick, string & pumpkin seeds. 

We started by drawing our candle in the centre of the wood slice, remembering that we had to leave plenty of room for the seed flame to be added later. When you're happy with your candle, colour it in & add your design around it. We added bright rays of light to depict the light shining in the darkness, but children could add any design or pattern they wish. 

On the back of the wooden slice we drew the world to remind us that Jesus (the Light of the World) came to earth as a baby at Christmas, offering hope, peace & love to all people. 

To make the flame for your candle, add glue to the wood then attach your pumpkin seed. Then finally thread the string through & your decoration is ready for your Christmas tree.

Don't fancy using wood slices to make these decorations? Why not recycle some cardboard packaging to create these cardboard ornaments instead. 

If you wish, you could add a 'Light of the World' label to your ornament, either to the string or to one side of you design. You'll find our free printable labels here.

After Christmas, when the decorations are taken down, this little ornament could hang up somewhere in your house, not only to remind you to plant the pumpkin seed in April-June, but more importantly, that the Light of the World is with us every day, not just at Christmas.

After you've planted your pumpkin & it's ready to harvest, how about using it to create a reminder of that same Light on All Hallows Eve.

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