'Remembering' A Set of Creative Resources for Churches to Share with Bereaved Children

Looking for ways to support bereaved children and their families in your community? This 'Remembering' Pack features a variety of engaging activities that offer children a creative way to remember loved ones who have died. 

Grief isn't always the most comfortable subject to talk about, but for bereaved children and their families, it's essential that there are people within their community to listen, offer support, and walk with them on their grief journey. Often, within our churches, there is support available for grieving adults, but perhaps, as in society, children are the hidden mourners.

The Childhood Bereavement Network estimates that 26,900 parents die each year in the UK. With the death of grandparents, other family members, and friends, the number of children experiencing bereavement rises significantly.

This pack enables churches and schools to reach out to those families with a variety of simple, age-appropriate resources that can be used to host a 'Remembering' event, where families in your local area, whether they have a connection to church or not, can come and remember loved ones who have died.

Inside the pack you'll find:

- 20 activity ideas for a range of ages
- 20 Activity Posters, each with simple instructions to follow
- Guidance on how to host a 'Remembering' event for your local community
- Useful Activity Checklists
- Printable templates
- Recipes
- Recommended children's storybooks exploring the subject of bereavement
- Links to further resources and support
- 'Remembering' Poster to advertise your event.

These resources can be used any time of the year, but November feels like a particularly fitting time to host a 'Remembering' event, with All Souls Day, Remembrance Sunday, and also Children's Grief Awareness Week.

While this pack has been designed from a Christian perspective, it can easily be used in other settings. In Schools for example, it could be shared in a PSE lesson or as a pop-up event during or after school, where families could be invited to attend. It would be particularly helpful for a school community that has experienced the death of a staff member or pupil, or for Hospital Chaplains or Prison Chaplains who have contact with families.

Download your copy of the pack here:

 'Remembering' A Set of Creative Resources for Churches to Share with Bereaved Children