Eco-Friendly Plant Pots for Kids to Make

We've spent the last few weeks planting vegetable & flower seeds for our garden hoping they'll produce a crop this Summer as good as last year. For the last few years, we've tried to recycle as much as we can in the garden & when growing seeds we try to always use these homemade pots. Not only are they simple to make & of course easy to source, but they're biodegradable too!

Grow Your Own "Jack & the Beanstalk" with climbing Lego Jack!

We all know the well-known fairy tale "Jack & The Beanstalk" but have you ever grown a beanstalk that Jack could climb? This fun gardening activity not only encourages kids to care for plants & observe them as they grow but also invites them to explore a classic story, & explore some maths skills too.

What makes a Strong Girl? 6 Ideas & Quotes for International Women's Day

This International Women's Day I'm particularly thinking of all the amazing women in my life & their beautiful qualities. I hope as my daughter grows up she'll be able to recognize similar characteristics in others & also see them in herself. Today I want to encourage her to think about all she has to offer the world, & to ask "What makes a Strong Girl?"

40 Creative Activities to Share with Kids this Lent

Looking for simple & engaging activities to explore with children during Lent, then take a look at our new FREE eBook.

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Pancake Recipe

This gluten & dairy free pancake recipe is a real winner in our house, it's super quick & simple, & the pancakes taste delicious! Perfect to get all the family involved in making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, or any other day.

"5 Things I Love About You" Heart-shaped Book

Create a special keepsake with one of these "5 Things I Love About You" Heart-shaped Books. They're perfect to make for family members & a great way to explore gratitude & appreciation with children.

Heart-Shaped mini pom-pom Badges - Lolly Stick Craft

Did you see our Magnetic Hearts made from lolly sticks? Well, we couldn't resist making more. This time though we turned them into funky badges. This is a great craft for tweenagers to encourage creativity & self-expression, & would be perfect for any Brownie or Guide Group activity. 

Magnetic Lolly Stick Hearts for Valentine's Day

These magnetic popsicle hearts are a perfect card & gift combo to share a little love this Valentine's Day. Made from a lolly stick, they're simple, fun & frugal for kids to make.