70+ Awesome Activities for Tweenagers

Looking for activities for tweenagers to explore? Here's an awesome round-up from some of the most creative bloggers around the world. Whether your kids enjoy art, craft, STEM activities, sewing, or upcycling, there's sure to be something for them here. So grab a cuppa & have a search through the following activities & find the perfect boredom buster for your tweenager.

50 Simple Indoor Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

Looking for activities to keep children entertained? Here are 50 more boredom busters for young kids to explore. Each activity is simple to set up, costs nothing & uses items you can easily find around your home.

50 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

If your children are stuck at home & you're looking for activities to keep them entertained, here are 50 Simple Outdoor Activities for them to explore. Each activity is easy to set up, costs nothing & uses items you can easily find from around your home.

Paper Shamrock Spinners for St Patrick's Day

These Shamrock Spinners are perfect to make for St Patrick's Day. Made from just 3 strips of paper & a straw they're a fun, simple craft for all ages.

10 Simple Recycled Plant Pots for Kids to make this Spring!

The weather may still be a little chilly but we're starting to plant our veg & flower seeds indoors ready to go out in the Spring. Instead of using small plastic plant pots we'll be making our own pots again this year which not only helps to reduce plastic, but also saves some pennies & encourages some creativity too. Making your own plant pots is a great opportunity for kids to explore the impact materials have on the planet, & how simple actions can make a big difference.

Here are 10 simple quick & easy recycled plant pots that kids can make from items you'll find around your home.

DIY Seed Paper Bees - Made from Recycled Newspaper

These Seed Paper Bees are a great eco-friendly activity for kids. Fun & simple to create they're made from recycled newspaper & once planted they'll transform into wildflowers packed full of pollen for the bees to enjoy this summer. A neat way to explore recyclable materials, simple science, conservation & sustainability.