Simple Leaf Prayer - Praying for Creation

Here's a simple creative way to pray for creation. This tactile prayer is ideal for all ages & uses Autumn leaves to help us focus on our world, our actions, & how we can make a difference.

Children's Activity Sheet for Bee Trail - Free Printable

Here it is, our Buzz the Bee Activity Sheet! This activity sheet accompanies our interactive Bee Trail, plus, there's a free certificate to print off for children who complete the Trail too.

Outdoor Bee Trail for Kids - Free Printable (Ideal for Churches or Schools)

Looking for an interactive outdoor trail for children to explore in your Churchyard or School Nature Area? Then this Bee Trail is for you!  

Paper Football Prayers - Free Printable

With football fever reaching a peak this weekend this simple prayer activity is a reminder that whatever we throw (or kick) at God, or whatever happens in life, He is always there for us, no matter what. 

Just like the goal, God is there to catch all our worries, the things we're sorry about, & those things we need help with. Whether we're offside, taking a penalty, or we've been given a red card, God is there to catch it all in his net of unconditional love.

Sycamore Seed Dragonflies - Exploring God's Strength (Philippians 4:13)

This Sycamore Seed Dragonfly craft is perfect for all ages to explore God's unfailing strength & offers a gentle reminder that even when we might not feel strong ourselves, He is with us always.  An ideal nature craft for outdoor church, forest school, or to explore together at home.

Make Your Own Shamrock Spinners - exploring the Trinity

Explore the Trinity by making your own super Shamrock Spinners. Fly them indoors or outside, they're a fun-filled activity for all ages & perfect for home, children's church or school.