Make Your Own "Bee Friendly Seed Packs" & Bee Pebble Planters

Last year our Wildflower Rainbow garden encouraged a whole variety of insects, so we're starting to plan where we can plant another one. Then we came up with a plan to plant even more rainbows! We created these "Bee Friendly Seed Packs" to give to friends so they could plant Wildflower Rainbows in their gardens. The more rainbow gardens = the more nectar for the bees!

Simple Resurrection Rolls for Kids to Make - Free Printable Recipe

These Resurrection Rolls are a wonderful activity to make with children, & adults too. Not only are they fun to create but they taste delicious & are such a great way to explore the joy & wonder of Easter Day. 

Pebble Easter Eggs - Tape Resist Art for Kids

 Looking for a simple Easter activity for all ages? These Easter Pebble Eggs are lots of fun to make & a great way to explore God's never-ending love. 

Weave an Easter Cross - Exploring God's Transforming Love

This colourful Easter Cross is a tactile craft for all ages to explore. Simple to make with a few items, it explores the sadness of Good Friday, but also the hope & power of God's transforming love.

16 FREE Printables for Kids exploring The Easter Story

Whether you're looking for a printable Easter resource for your family, school or church, you'll find something for everyone here. This fab selection of FREE Printables each offers a fun creative way for children of all ages to explore The Easter Story. 

Grow Your Own Easter Garden in an Egg!

Grow your own Easter Garden in an eco-friendly egg! Super simple to make & ideal for kids of all ages. Once the seeds have grown everything can be composted or recycled, here's how we made them.