Nativity Thaumatrope - Optical Illusion Toy for Kids to Make

Here's another fun creative way to explore the Christmas Story with a simple homemade toy! This printable Nativity Thaumatrope features the Christmas Stable on one side & Baby Jesus in a manger on the other. Perfect to explore during Advent when we're waiting for the arrival of Jesus.

Nativity Scene for Kids to Make & Colour - Free Printable

Looking for a Nativity Scene that's quick & simple for children to make? Here's one that all ages can create & colour. Designed on just one sheet of paper, this Nativity Scene makes a great printable to share with families at school or church. 

Sycamore Seed Angels - Christmas Nature Craft

These Sycamore Seed Angels are so simple to make, & look beautiful when decorating a Christmas tree. What's more, after you've finished with them, the seed head can be planted, & you can grow your own sycamore sapling!

Nativity Story Stick Puppets - Free Printable for Kids to Colour

These colour in Nativity Stick Puppets are a great way for children to creatively explore the Christmas Story. Not only do they offer a wonderful opportunity to explore the different characters within the Nativity, but they also encourage imaginative play, language skills & so much more.

Paper Advent Candle to Make & Colour

This Paper Advent Candle is a super simple way for kids to countdown to Christmas. Colour in the stars as you journey through Advent & slowly see the light appear. An ideal craft for kids of all ages to make at home, school, or church.

Outdoor Nativity Trail for Kids (Ideal for Churches or Schools)

Looking for an interactive Christmas Trail that children & families can explore around your outdoor area? Then this is for you! Follow 'Dotty the Donkey' as she retells the Nativity Story in this fun engaging Christmas Trail for children. 

DIY Nativity Story Stones with free Printable Characters

Make your own Nativity Stones with these free printable characters. Story Stones are a great way for children to explore the Christmas Story, & what's more, they're really quick & simple to make. All you need is the free printable [in this post] & you can make your own set of Nativity Story Stones in minutes. No need for fancy pens or paint, all you need is our printable.