Make an Eco-Friendly Plantable Crown to Wear for the Jubilee - Then plant it for the bees!

Make your own eco-friendly crown to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee & help the bees at the same time! This simple recycling craft is quick, easy & super-frugal to make! When you've finished wearing your beautiful crown for your Jubilee celebrations, you can plant it directly into the ground, & in late Summer/early Autumn, the nature jewels on your crown will have transformed into blooms of gold for the bees to enjoy! 

Queen & Royal Guard Cardboard Tube Figures - with Free Printable

Have your own royal tea party with the Queen! These royal cardboard figures are perfect to decorate any celebratory table for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, whether you're having a family picnic, or joining in with a street party, these special guests are sure to bring a smile. Super easy for all ages to make with our Free printable. When you've finished using them as decorations, they can be used as puppets or a penholder!

FREE Printable Activity Sheets for Connie the Corgi's Jubilee Children's Trail

If you're using our Connie the Corgi Children's Trail to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, take a look at these FREE Activity Sheets to accompany it. One is designed for primary-aged children & the other is suitable for younger preschoolers. As children walk around the Trail, these activity sheets invite them to engage with each station by answering simple questions. 

Children's Trail for the Queen's Jubilee - Connie the Corgi's Royal Postcards

Celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with this interactive trail for children & families. Bright & bold, this colourful trail introduces you to Connie the Corgi as she shares her fun facts about the Queen that children will love discovering. Ideal for churches or schools this FREE trail needs no props or extra resources, simply print out the trail & display it in your community. 

Make Your Own Dotty the Donkey Stick Puppet - Free Printable for Kids to Colour

These Dotty the Donkey colour in stick puppets are great for children to make & take on an Easter Adventure. Whether you use them alongside our Dotty the Donkey Easter Trail, or simply make at home, they offer a wonderful opportunity for kids to retell & explore the Easter Story.

Easter Cross Canvas for Kids to Make - Exploring the Colours & Emotions of Holy Week with Tape Resist Art

Looking for a simple way to explore the complex emotions of Holy Week with children of all ages? These Easter Cross Canvases enable children (& adults) to explore key moments in Holy Week simply through colour & some tape resist art.


Plantable Sunflower Colouring Cards for Kids to Make for Mother's Day

These Plantable Sunflower Colouring Cards are an ideal gift for children to make for Mother's Day. When you've finished displaying your card you can plant it & watch the sunflowers grow! Super simple for all ages to make, these free printable cards offer a creative way to pray for mothers across the world, especially those in Ukraine.