DIY Wooden Candles for Kids to Make - Perfect for a Nature Advent Wreath or Forest Church

These eco-friendly Wooden Candles are made entirely from natural items. Their size makes them perfect for children to hold, & they're ideal for making an outdoor nature-based Advent Wreath. They can be used year after year, & are a wonderful tactile activity to explore the season. Find out how we made them here.

To make these simple wooden candles, you'll need:
Tree branches collected from the ground & cut to size, or branches like these from Baker Ross
Colourful leaves
Ballpoint pen
Children's scissors
Sandpaper cut into sections

Start by inviting children to choose a branch & encourage them to explore what it feels like. Offer them sandpaper to smooth any rough edges they may feel. 

To create a hole for the candle wick, push the bradawl into one end of the branch. Obviously, an adult needs to undertake this part of the activity. Alternatively, you could prep the branches beforehand.

If you're making these with older children or adults, invite them to add a small, narrow twig to make the wick, & push it into the candle hole. If you're making these with younger children, you can skip this part, & use the stem of the leaf to create a wick instead. The leaves can be cut into flame shapes beforehand.

Invite older children/adults to cut a flame shape from a leaf & make two holes, one at the top & one at the bottom, so it can be threaded over the twig wick. We found the easiest way to make the holes was to push a ballpoint pen through the leaf on a soft surface.

I love the simplicity of these candles, a reminder of the natural beauty around us every day of the year.

If you wish to make a Nature Advent Wreath, make three more candles to sit alongside the first, & decorate with natural foliage, or simply stand them around your outdoor space.

You could use your Wooden Candles to focus on each of the Advent Sunday themes from an environmental perspective. 

HOPE Many years before Jesus's birth, prophets like Isaiah told of his coming. 

🍃 Who are the prophets today warning us of the damage to the earth? Whose are the voices we need to listen to so we can help protect our planet for future generations? 

PEACE - We remember Jesus, the Prince of Peace. 

🍃 We know the damage & destruction war brings to the earth. Where in our world are the areas that need prayers for peace, reconciliation & healing? You could create a pebble cairn for peace in your outdoor space.

JOY - We anticipate the joyful coming of God into the world. 

🍃  What can we do now to make the future joyful? Could you plant bulbs, build a birdhouse or create a pond in your outdoor space? Think of the joy these would bring to the natural world... & to us too.

LOVE - This is a reminder of God's gift of love, Jesus. 

🍃 How can we show God's love in our world? Could you commit to making one small change to care for the planet, perhaps a weekly litter pick, buying more secondhand items, or using less plastic? It's actions of love that help change the world. 

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