Prayer Doves for Peace - Prayerful Art Installation for All Ages

Create a prayerful art installation in your church with these Prayer Doves for Peace. Ideal for all ages to creatively pray for our world, these doves offer a simple prayer activity that the whole community can partake in.

With so many issues & conflicts affecting our world, especially the situation in the Ukraine, many people are seeking spaces to pray for peace. Prayerful activities like these Doves for Peace, offer children & adults space to creatively express their prayers. Whether they write, draw or paint their prayer on the doves, each one is from the heart, each is valued, & each a prayerful offering to God. 

Once gathered together, the prayers can be displayed to create a flight of peace doves in your church, & used as a focal point for future prayers. 

I'm always deeply moved when I see a prayerful art installation like this in a church. There's something very powerful about being surrounded by visible petitions, each unique, but collectively echoing the unity & compassion for our world. 

Creating a Prayer Station: 

Start by finding a welcoming area in your church where you can set aside a prayer table that's accessible for all ages & abilities. Lay out the Prayer Doves along with some coloured pens, pencils & biros. If you're unable to precut the doves beforehand you'll need some children's scissors & a bin to recycle the offcuts of paper. You can find a printable welcome & prayer to add to your prayer station here - Prayer Doves for Peace Welcome & Prayer.

Invite your community to join you in prayer:

You could leave the prayer station for your congregation & any visitors to use, or you could extend the prayer invitation to those in your wider community such as schools, care homes, uniformed organisations, Cubs, Brownies etc & any local groups or shops. Simply print off the dove templates for them to use & arrange to collect their prayer doves at a later date. 

Offering opportunities to pray in this way is particularly poignant for care home residents who are unable to get to Church. It's always so moving to see their intercessions displayed alongside young children's painted prayers.

Creating your Doves for Peace installation:

To create this art installation you'll need reel or two of transparent fishing line & sticky tape. 

Tie the fishing line between pillars in your church or in an area where the doves can hang freely above head height. (Obviously for safety reasons the line needs to be above people's heads & out of children's reach.) 

Attach the back of the prayer doves to shorter lengths of fishing line using sticky tape, making sure each one is secure. We fixed 5 doves to each length, but you could add more or less depending on your space.

To hang the doves, tie each section onto the fishing line between your pillars & secure with a knot & sticky tape to prevent it slipping. 

If possible leave a space between each section of doves, this helps create more of an impact. They'll also create beautiful shadows when the light hits them if they're spaced out.


Keep Praying:

When the art installation is in place, it's important to still leave the prayer station or a prayer space where visitors can create their own prayer doves, & be invited to either take them home, or leave them on the altar. The art installation can act as a call to prayer & having a station there enables anyone to join in at any time.

Download your Free Printable Prayer Doves here
 - Prayer Doves Template

I hope these Prayer Doves offer all ages in your church & community an opportunity to creatively pray together for peace. 

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