Mosaic Style Candle Holders

We recently ran a craft afternoon for kids & one of the activities we offered were these mosaic style candle holders. Minnie is a big fan of clay & loves exploring its texture, so this activity was right up her street!

We used:
Air drying clay
Coloured beads (we used some we collected from a local Scrapstore)

This was so simple to set up & Minnie was able at the age of 3years to independently create her candle holder from start to finish. First, she chose the amount of clay she needed, & started to roll it into a ball(ish) shape.

She pushed the tealight into the clay & then she was ready to decorate it with her beads.

It was great to watch her hand-eye co-ordination & fine motor skills as she designed her candle holder.

The beads have to be pushed well into the clay otherwise they'll fall out once the holder is dry.
As you can see Minnie enjoyed this activity & spent almost an hour making her candle holders!

 She even decorated the base - such a conscientious designer!

When she had finished we left them to dry overnight (taking the candle out)

Once dry we added the tealights again & they were ready to use.

Minnie wanted to have a candle burning in her room, so we swapped the candle for a battery operated tealight. Perfect for lighting a bedroom after a bedtime story!

We're using these to decorate our garden for a BBQ with friends tonight, but I suspect we'll be making more of these for family & friends soon.

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