Mosaic Style Candle Holders

We recently ran a craft afternoon for kids & one of the activities we offered were these mosaic-style candle holders. My girl is a big fan of clay & loves exploring its texture, so this activity was right up her street!

We used:
Air drying clay
Coloured beads (collected from a local Scrapstore)

:: We invited everyone to roll their section of clay into a ball. 

:: When happy with the shape, push a tealight candle into the centre of the clay, making sure it's as level as possible.

:: Decorate your candle holder with the beads. These need to be pushed well into the clay to prevent them from falling out once it's dry. 

:: Leave the candleholders to dry overnight. Remember to remove the tealight so the centre can dry completely too. 

:: Once dry, add the tealights & they're ready to light.

My girl wanted a candle burning in her room, so we swapped the wax candle for a battery-operated tealight.

We're using these to decorate our garden for a BBQ with friends tonight, but I suspect we'll be making more of these for family & friends soon.