Peace Canvas - Collaborative Art Project for All Ages

Create a Peace Canvas for your School or Church. This simple creative project encourages all ages to join together in praying for peace. Once finished, the artwork can be displayed in your setting, inviting others to pray for peace in the coming weeks.

To make a Peace Canvas like this, you'll need:
Selection of colourful paint & dishes/shallow containers
Sponges cut into small sections
Masking tape
One large canvas or 4 smaller canvases (available at The Works)

Before the activity, prep the canvas/canvases by creating the letters PEACE with the masking tape. To create a bold letter shape, just double the width of the tape. Make sure the tape is attached securely with no gaps around the edges. 

Place your canvases alongside your selection of paints & sponges. 
You might like to have a world map somewhere nearby.

As they dab their paint on the canvas, invite the children (& adults) to pray for peace in an area of the world.

Keep adding the prayers/blobs of paint until the whole canvas is covered, including the masking tape.

You should end up with a colourful canvas soaked in paint & prayer. Once dry, peel away the masking tape & PEACE will shine through all the prayers on the canvas.

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