Valentine's Day Cards - Heart Stencils with Paint Dabbers

These colourful cards are simple to make & a great way to explore colour mixing. To make them we used dot markers/paint dabbers (like these from Early Learning Centre) which are perfect for under 5's to use. Minnie first made a card like this when she was 9 months, & the chunky dot markers were ideal for her to hold & manipulate.

To make them I cut a heart template from card & attached to a sheet of folded card using white-tack. You could use spray mount to obtain a neater finish, but we like the effect the white-tack produces with the rough, blended edges.

Dab the dot markers over the card & watch the colours blend together. The markers produce an effect similar to watercolour paint, & are great for exploring colour recognition, & patterns. We also discovered the different results the markers produce when they are gently dabbed or banged onto the card! (The latter was M's preferred style!)

When the design is finished, set aside to dry, & then after an hour or so carefully remove the heart template.

The heart templates can be glued onto card to make more valentines. :-)

I can't help thinking of confetti when I see these prints or a colourful sunset.

These beautiful Valentines are sure to bring a smile to someone special.

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