Sorting the Queen's Birthday Jewels - Water Bead Sensory Play

Today HRH Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday & we wish her a wonderful day. To celebrate her special day we'd thought we'd help her sort her royal treasures. Sadly we're a little lacking in the precious jewels at our house so we created some beautiful shiny jewels with the help of some water beads. 

Celebrating Spring with 18 Bird Activities for Kids

We're celebrating Spring with 18 of our favourite bird activities. Whether you're looking for outdoor activities or indoor crafts there's something for all mini ornithologists to explore here.

Easter Small World Play - Sand Tray exploring Holy Week

Explore the events of Holy Week with this simple Easter sand tray. Each day a new chapter of the story unfolds for children to discover.

Pom Pom Spring Easter Bunnies

These cute pom pom bunnies have been popping up all over our home ready for Easter & the beginning of Spring. Such a simple seasonal craft for kids to create & they make the sweetest mini pets to share with friends. Here's how we made them.

Launch your own Flying Rocket into Space with these Canister Rockets.

Calling all space fans, how about launching your own rocket into space using just 2 items from your kitchen! These canister rockets are so much fun to play with & a neat way to explore a little science too, & they can be used over & over again.

Post-it Note Prayers for the Family

We've been dipping into the Family Lent e-Book over the last few weeks & one of the activities which has been popular with our family has been the post-it note prayers. Here's how they've made an impact in our home.

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