Pine Cone Christmas Puddings - Decorations for Kids to Make

As the weather turns a little colder we're starting to think about Christmas, & how we can turn some of the natural treasures gathered on our woodland walks into festive decorations. These Pine Cone Christmas Puddings make super cute ornaments & are so simple for children to create, plus they cost next to nothing to make.

Remembrance Day Activity - Planting Poppies with Play Dough

Looking for Remembrance themed activities to share with children? This simple open-ended play activity is great for younger children to explore.

10 Phizz-Whizzing Gift Ideas for Roald Dahl Fans

If your kids are Roald Dahl fans, then this post is for you! 
To celebrate Roald Dahl Day we've put together 10 Phizz-Whizzing Roald Dahl inspired goodies that would make perfect gifts for any little 'chiddler' or 'human bean' for Christmas or a birthday! 

Natural Soothing Spray for Kids

Do your children ever get stressed or anxious about certain situations? This magical little spray may be just the thing to help restore calm! We've also discovered just how amazing it is at soothing overheated skin & sunburn too!

Calming Outdoor Play - Rose Petals & Water

We've been making the most of the recent sunny days with lots of outdoor play, nature hunts, & paddling pool fun. With the roses blooming rapidly in our garden & some petals already starting to fall, Minnie, was keen to add these to her pool. As she sprinkled them over the water I started to realize what a neat, natural science activity this was.

Easter Recipe: Rocky Road Through Holy Week

This 'Rocky Road through Holy Week' recipe is a great way to explore the events of Holy Week with children of all ages. Each ingredient relates to a key event in the Easter story, & combined together they create a tasty treat to share. It's also a fun way to help children sequence the events of the Easter Story.

40 Creative Lent Activities for Children & Families

Lent is almost here, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) is next week! Rather than giving something up this year for Lent, we're looking forward to exploring these simple creative activities together.

'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?' - Storybook & Craft

If you're looking for a book to share with kids that encourages kindness, compassion, & gratitude then this is for you. Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud is a beautiful storybook with a wonderful concept that will help children (& adults) understand that simple actions can change the world for the better.

Kid's Activities for the Big Garden Birdwatch

Are you joining in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend? It's a great way for kids to explore the variety of wildlife they have in their backyard & your findings help the RSPB collate valuable information about wild birds around the country. There's still time to join in, just follow
this link to download all you need. 

In the meantime, here are some great bird crafts & activities for your mini ornithologists to explore.

Pooh Bear Matchbox Craft Celebrating Friendship

Today we're celebrating National Winnie-the-Pooh Day!  The day commemorates author AA Milne's birthday back in 1882, & we thought it was a perfect day to celebrate friendship, one of the key themes running through the books featuring Pooh Bear. So inspired by this special bear & his stories we created these Pooh Bear Friendship Boxes.

Celebrating friendship and the wisdom of Pooh Bear these Friendship Boxes make great gifts to share with school friends.

Winter Ice Play with Dinosaurs, Glow in the Dark Stars & a little Literacy too!

Looking for ways to explore the freezing weather with young children? How about getting creative with some outdoor ice play. Here are 4 simple activities that we've enjoyed exploring over Winter.

Ice Age Excavation
Create your own mini excavation with dinos & fossils!
These are so simple to make with just small toys, shells, & stones. Add a wooden hammer & some goggles & you can tap away until the ice breaks to release the dinosaur inside. Alternatively sprinkle salt from your kitchen cupboard over the ice & discover what happens.

Nature Ice Art Ornaments

These beautiful Ice Ornaments have become an annual favourite here when the winter temperature drops. They're so much fun to create & a wonderful way to explore a little science too, & with freezing temperatures forecast again for the end of this week we're looking forward to hopefully creating some more.