12 Ways to Play in the Mud - Day 1 of 30 Days Wild

Today marks the first of our wild outdoor adventures for this year's 30 Days Wild.
The Wildlife Trusts' 30 Days Wild is encouraging everyone, regardless of age, to explore their outdoor environment & experience all that nature has to offer for the next 30 days.

Due to the heavy rain we had last night we're planning lots of mud play & exploration today!
Mud play is one of those magical childhood experiences offering so many natural discoveries, often alongside plenty of giggles. 

Here are 12 of our favourite ways to explore the mud in our outdoor space.

1. Build with it & create  mud castles 

2. Sculpt with it & create a mud work of art on a tree or outdoor wall 

3. Help the birds make a nest with it

4. Give yourself a mud high five & make a mud hand print

5. Stick things to the wall with it & discover just how sticky & strong mud is.

6. Splat it with your hands & feet & discover the amazing sounds it makes.

7. Sink your feet into it & feel how cool it is. Can you feel its suction too?

8. Search for worms in it. You could add them to a homemade wormery

9. Dig in it & create a mud hole or cave, who might live in there?

10. Make 'mud' cakes with it, there are so many recipes you could create. We love to add dandelion petals to the tops of ours. 

11. Paint with it. Just add a little water & you can create your own cave style paintings. 

12. Paint yourself with it! Mud was made for body painting! This has to be one of our favourites, what a great way to express yourself & truly explore the natural qualities of mud! 

If you're exploring mud today, I hope you'll have as much fun as we have with it.

Exploring Bugs & Rosemary Beetles with a Sheet & Shrub Shake!

We love going on bug hunts around our neighbourhood & discovering the variety of insects hidden nearby. After a conversation the other day about the bugs around our garden Minnie was keen to see if any were living in the large rosemary bush near our door.

30 Nature Activities for Kids Celebrating 30 Days Wild

There aren't many days of the year when we're not outdoors (hence the name of our blog) whether we're bug hunting, mud making, tree climbing, cloud watching, or splashing in puddles, our outdoor environment always offers us something new to explore, & we're looking forward to more adventures next month with 30 Days Wild.

To celebrate the return of The Wildlife Trusts' 30 Days Wild we've collected 30 of our favourite nature activities ideal for children & families to share this June.

2 Make a scented nature hanging to display indoors or outside.

3 Make your own Elderflower Cordial using wildflowers.

4 Play in the rain & discover which creatures love it too.

5 Let nature leave a lasting impression with these beautiful clay print hangings.

6 Plant a wildflower rainbow perfect for bees & butterflies.

7 Make some nature wind chimes with beach shells. 

9 Experience a beach at sunset & go rockpooling.

10 Go on a hunt for Fairy Paper in the Forest.


11 Explore ladybirds with a DIY Mirror Discovery Box, ideal for exploring other nature finds too.

12 Make a Garden Chalkboard to record bug hunt discoveries.

14 Make a nature bracelet.

15 Build a Hedgehog House.

16 Make space for toads & frogs in your garden.

17 Build a den with a friend.

18 Transform yourself into a giant butterfly with this outdoor weaving frame.

19 Climb a tree & enjoy the colours & patterns of its leafy canopy.

21 Create a mini wild meadow for the bees & bugs in your neighbourhood.

22 Enjoy a story outdoors surrounded by nature.

23 Make your own Giant Bubbles with string & sticks. Great for exploring in an open wild space.

24 Set up an outdoor role play area (Garden Tea Rooms) with natural ingredients to explore.

25 Make a magical nature wand with natural treasures collected on a walk.

28 Track minibeasts around your garden with a set of bug spotter sticks.

29 Grow your own flower salad.
A number of garden flowers can be added to salads to create a tasty colourful dish.
We enjoy using homegrown:Nasturtiums, Chive blossom, Violets, Runner bean flowers, Pansy petals, Calendula/marigold petals, Cornflower petals, Rose petals
& Courgette flowers. (Always double check flowers are edible before sampling them!)

30 Write with nature! Turn a feather into a quill pen.

Whatever outdoor adventures you enjoy this June I hope you'll have fun discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary & all that nature has to offer you & your family.

If you're looking for more outdoor activities for the summer you might like our
50 Outdoor Activities for Kids this Summer.

A month of Nature Adventures with 30 Days Wild

We're getting set for more wild adventures this June!
Last year we had a great Summer discovering & exploring all things wild around our neighbourhood while taking part in 30 Days Wild. Why not join us this year?

DIY Garden Chalkboard perfect for Bug Hunts

If your children enjoy bug hunting around the garden then they may find this garden chalkboard useful. It's a great way to encourage them to independently record their nature findings, & the board can be left outdoors to be used again & again.

How to grow beans in bottles!

This is such a neat & simple science experiment for children to study how plants grow. It gives fairly quick results too, perfect for younger children who are eager to see results.  

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