Celebrating Nature with Children - 30 Days Wild

We're getting set for more wild adventures this June!
Last year we had a great Summer discovering & exploring all things wild around our neighbourhood while taking part in 30 Days Wild. Why not join us this year?

DIY Garden Chalkboard perfect for Bug Hunts

If your children enjoy bug hunting around the garden then they may find this garden chalkboard useful. It's a great way to encourage them to independently record their nature findings, & the board can be left outdoors to be used again & again.

How to grow beans in bottles!

This is such a neat & simple science experiment for children to study how plants grow. It gives fairly quick results too, perfect for younger children who are eager to see results.  

DIY Water Wall for Small Outdoor Spaces

There are some great blog posts out there featuring some amazing water play construction areas. We have limited space & resources in our play area, but have been inspired by this wonderful idea from Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.

With just a few recycled containers, pipes, drawing pins, & a fence Minnie & I created this...

Sorting the Queen's Birthday Jewels - Water Bead Sensory Play

Today HRH Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday & we wish her a wonderful day. To celebrate her special day we'd thought we'd help her sort her royal treasures. Sadly we're a little lacking in the precious jewels at our house so we created some beautiful shiny jewels with the help of some water beads. 

Celebrating Spring with 18 Bird Activities for Kids

We're celebrating Spring with 18 of our favourite bird activities. Whether you're looking for outdoor activities or indoor crafts there's something for all mini ornithologists to explore here.

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