Blessing Pebbles - Share a Little Love

These Blessing Pebbles make perfect little gifts that are sure to brighten someone's day. We all have times in our life which are a little harder than others, & these pebbles are a simple way of letting people know you care & that you're thinking of them.

Before we started making them we thought about people we knew who were going through a particularly hard time, or those we wanted to thank & encourage. With these people in our minds, we started to create our pebbles by drawing a heart in the centre of each stone. Once we were happy with the shape we coloured it in with nail varnish. The nail varnishes gave the hearts a beautifully vibrant colour, & also made the design waterproof so the pebbles could be left outdoors. 

Once the varnish is dry you can add a blessing on the reverse of the pebble using a permanent marker. We wrote simple short blessings, each one relevant to the recipient of the pebble. 

Before you give your Blessing Pebble you might like to hold it in your hand & say a prayer for the person who'll receive it. Your pebble could be given to a friend as a gift, or left anonymously on someone's doorstep. 

If you're pondering what to write on your pebble, 1 Corinthians 13 is a great starting point.

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love never fails.
Love always protects
Love always trusts
Love always hopes.

You could make a batch of these & leave them around your neighbourhood for people to find. Who knows who'll discover them & what a difference your blessing may have on their day. 

The world needs a whole lot of love right now, so why not get creative & brighten someone's day with a blessing pebble. ♥