50 Outdoor Activities for Kids this Summer

Summer is here & to celebrate we're sharing 50 of our favourite outdoor activities for kids to explore this season. Each activity is super simple & costs next to nothing, perfect for the summer holidays.

1. Enjoy a cool walk through the shade of a local woodland. How many different trees can you find?

2. Create your own land art in your garden or local park with sticks collected on a woodland walk.
3. Design & build your own Water Wall.
4. Create a magical world at the bottom of your garden.
5. Get creative at the beach & create your own sand art. Can you make a monster, mermaid, or pirate using seaweed, driftwood, & pebbles?

6. Have a tide fight. Build sandcastles with friends near the sea & wait to see which sandcastle will survive the longest.

7. Create an outdoor wind chime with some recycled goodies.
8. Explore rock pools.

 9.  Create GIANT bubbles with this simple recipe & homemade bubble wand.
10. Explore the flowers in your garden with these 10 activities.
11. Make mud pies

12. Grow your own Jack & the Beanstalk.
13. Make an eco-friendly Watering can from a milk carton.
14. Make your own Clock with sticks & stones or create a sundial 
15. Take a picnic & go an adventure to a local park, woodland or beach.
16. Create a coffee shop or tea room in your own backyard.
17. Roll down a hill!

18. Hold a seaweed swinging competition at the beach. How far can you throw the seaweed into the sea.

19. Cool off in the summer sun with some ice play.
20. Create your own ocean.
21. Explore hidden nature patterns with this clay activity.
22. Create a nature wand using summer flowers & leaves.
23. Make BIG Art outside with a space hopper or patio toys!
24. Have fun with homemade spray paint.
25. Host your own Commonwealth Games for your toys.
26. Stay up a little later & go on a sunset walk.

27. Go camping some place new, or in your back garden.

28. Stay up late & watch a night sky & stars appear.
29. Make an outdoor Zip Wire for toys
30. Build a den with big sticks in a woodland, or use a blanket & a couple of chairs in your garden.

31. Explore the life of a pond & how it changes over the Summer.
32. Turn a feather into a pen!
33. Go on a bug hunt with these bug spotter sticks.
34. Create new worlds with these magical mini doors.
35. Explore & play in the rain with these 20 Activities.
36. Wash toys outside in the paddling pool.

37. Play Poohsticks with your family at a nearby bridge
38. Create a butterfly garden with some reclaimed materials & a little upcycling.
39. Build a boat or raft & set sail on a new adventure.
40. Make your own traffic signs for outdoor play. Learn about road safety & what signs mean.
41. Create simple lanterns to decorate summer evenings.
42. Go on a butterfly hunt. How many caterpillars, moths or butterflies can you find, & where did you find them?

43. Grow a bean tepee tent! Great for producing homegrown veggies & great as a natural tent to play in!

44. Make a collection of crazy play dough bugs.
45. Weave with nature.
46. Climb & explore trees.

47. Make your own drumsticks from sunflowers!
48. Make your own desert island.
49. Upcycle & create garden snails
50. Decorate your garden throughout the season with these hovering dragonflies.

Wishing you a happy Summer filled with oodles of outdoor adventures that will make magical memories for many years to come.