Pentecost Activities for All Ages

Whether you're celebrating Pentecost at Church or home, here are a few creative ideas to explore together.

:: Flame Headbands

These super simple flame headbands are ideal for all ages to create. They're also a neat craft to leave in your children's corner for visiting families to discover & make.

Free printable templates can be found here: Pentecost Flame Headbands. For best results, print on either thin white or yellow cardstock.

:: Wear Something Red to Celebrate

Did you know that red is the colour of Pentecost? Many churches have red altar cloths to mark the liturgical season of Pentecost. Have a rummage through your clothes & see if you can find something red to wear. T-shirt, socks, wellie boots or even a sunhat! Wear something bright or red to celebrate Pentecost. 

:: Make a Pentecost Windsock

Take a look through your recycling & see if you can create a simple windsock from recycled items. We made ours using an old plastic bottle & some recycled scraps of material & ribbon from a local Scrap Store. Alternatively you could use paper streamers or anything else that will flutter in a breeze.

Hang your windsock in the garden & watch as the power of the wind makes it move, or hold your windsock high & run around outdoors so you can feel the wind, reminding you of the rushing wind of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

:: Make a Special Birthday Cake

Get creative in the kitchen & bake a special birthday cake to celebrate the birth of the Church at Pentecost. Why not add 12 birthday candles to remind you of the 12 Disciples & the tongues of fire that rested on their heads? 

The birthday cake reminds us that we are united with Christians worldwide in celebrating this special day! Sing "Happy Birthday" to the Church, & sing it loud so everyone can join in the celebration!

:: Pentecost Cupcakes 

If you have a children's group that meets during your church service, why not invite them to decorate Pentecost Cupcakes. Decorate the cupcakes with red or orange icing, then top with a paper flame attached to a lollystick. Children can share their Pentecost Cupcakes with the rest of the congregation to celebrate the Church's birthday! Free printable paper flames can be found here: Pentecost Cupcake Flame Toppers.

:: Blow Pentecost Bubbles Outdoors

To explore the rushing wind that occurred at Pentecost, blow bubbles outside and watch where the wind takes them. Blow as many bubbles as you can & watch as they float & eventually pop! As they fall or pop you could pray for different people in your life. Can you catch a bubble on your head? 

You could even make Giant Bubbles like these ones we made with a homemade bubble recipe.

:: Prayer Ribbons

Celebrate Pentecost outdoors by attaching prayer ribbons to a tree or your porch gate & watch them blow in the breeze as you pray for different people. Just as the disciples felt the power of the Holy Spirit rushing through the room at Pentecost, may those you pray for experience the power of the Holy Spirit weaving through their lives.

:: Glowing Paper Pentecost Candles

Traditionally, the Paschal Candle, which is lit on Easter Day, is extinguished at Pentecost & congregations are invited to take the light (the Good News of Jesus) out into their communities & share with those they meet, just as the Disciples did on that first Pentecost. This Paper Candle craft not only reminds us of that light but also the Holy Spirit, which brought tongues of fire, enabling the disciples to speak in many languages. Free printable candle to colour can be found here: Paper Pentecost Candle

:: Pentecost Prayer Doves
Fill your church with Pentecost Prayer Doves. Invite people of all ages to write or draw a prayer on one of the doves. Collect the doves and display or hang them around your church. Free printable dove template available here: Prayer Doves

However you celebrate Pentecost, may you always know the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, wherever you are, whatever you're going through.