Grow Your Own Easter Garden in an Egg!

Grow your own Easter Garden in an eco-friendly egg! Super simple to make & ideal for kids of all ages. Once the seeds have grown everything can be composted or recycled, here's how we made them.

In previous years we've made Easter Gardens in all shapes & sizes including these that we made with local school children. These Eggshell Easter Gardens are a great miniature version & so easy to put together with items most of us have at home. They're also small which means they're an ideal size to grow on a windowsill.

To Grow Your Own Easter Garden in an Egg you'll need:

:: 1 clean dry eggshell
:: Kitchen paper towel
:: Cress seeds
:: 2 small sticks
:: 1 rubber band or some string

Start by creating a cross with the 2 small sticks, wrapping either a small rubber band or string around the centre to hold them in place. We found it easier & quicker to use a rubber band.
This cross reminds us of the one that Jesus died on on Good Friday.

Next pop your eggshell into an eggcup or small container & fold your kitchen paper until it's small enough to fit inside the egg. The eggshell reminds of the tomb where they laid Jesus body after he died & the kitchen paper reminds us of the white linen they used to wrap his body.

Pour over a little water so the paper starts to swell & then sprinkle over your cress seeds.
The water reminds of the tears that people cried when Jesus died, & the seeds remind us of the promise He gave, that He would return to them even though it seemed like it was the end.

Push your cross into the centre of the paper & pop your Easter garden onto a windowsill so it gets as much sunlight as possible. Remember to keep an eye on the growing seeds & gently water if the kitchen paper is looking dry.

In a few days your cress will sprout & the shoots of new life will grow all around your cross. A reminder that Jesus rose again on Easter Day.

After around 6-7 days your cress will be fully grown & ready to eat. Perfect to add to an egg sandwich! 
If you're wanting your Easter Garden to be ready for Easter Day, an ideal time to start making it would be Palm Sunday.

Once you've finished with the cress in your Easter Garden, remove the rubber band from the cross & place everything else in a compost bin. Save the rubber band for another craft, or keep it safe to make another Easter Garden next year.

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