40 Calming Activities for Children this Lent - FREE Printable Activity Sheet

How are you finding life at the moment? If you're anything like me, you'll be feeling a multitude of emotions every day. Often I find myself feeling grateful, exhausted, bewildered, stressed, content, frustrated, & more than anything else just missing the 'normal' routine of everyday life. With Lent just around the corner we thought that rather than giving something up this year or taking something on, we would use the 40 days as an opportunity to do something a little different, & use the time to recharge & refocus.

Life is feeling incredibly busy & stressful for a lot of us as we juggle homeschooling, working from home, looking after loved ones, as well as adapting to this new way of lockdown life. As adults, we're finding it difficult, but it's clear to see the effects it is having on our children too. Sitting in front of a screen completing schoolwork, missing friends, missing family & grandparents, as well as trying to make sense of the world right now is really tough, so it's no wonder anxiety & stress levels are rising in young people. So this year our Lent resource is focused on activities that will offer children a few moments of calm & a chance to unwind.

You'll find all the 40 Activities together on one sheet, so all you have to do is print it off & stick it up somewhere in your home where you can all see it. Each activity is simple & requires little prep, you just choose which one you'd like to focus on each day & colour it in once you've done it. By the time you get to Easter Day your sheet will be filled with a rainbow of colour.

Your A4 version of  '40 Calming Activities for Children this Lent' can be downloaded HERE or there's an A3 version HERE.

I hope wherever you are, or however you're feeling at the moment, these activities will offer you & your family daily moments of calm & wonder, & a few glimpses of God's love along the way. 

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