Easter Cross Canvas for Kids to Make - Exploring the Colours & Emotions of Holy Week with Tape Resist Art

Looking for a simple way to explore the complex emotions of Holy Week with children of all ages? These Easter Cross Canvases enable children (& adults) to explore key moments in Holy Week simply through colour & some tape resist art.

A few years ago, my toddler group were getting ready to celebrate Easter, & after sharing an Easter Storybook together, we started to think about the colours on the pages of the book. We focused on three days; Palm Sunday, Good Friday & Easter Day. As we looked at the colours, we talked about how the people might have felt on those days; the happiness & excitement of Palm Sunday, the sadness of Good Friday, & the joy of Easter Day! 

Just thinking about the colours associated with those days enabled these young children to immerse themselves in the profound moments of Holy Week. It offered them an age-appropriate way to dive into a complex narrative, & explore the various emotions at their level.

While we were still thinking about the Story we created our three Easter Cross Canvases, one for each of the days we had been thinking about. Central to the canvas was a cross, reflecting the hope running through each day.

To make these Easter Cross Canvases you'll need: 
3 large canvases (The Works/Hobby Craft have a great selection)
Ready mix paints, pearlescent paint
Recycled trays/dishes for the paint
Sponges (which we cut into smaller hand-size shapes)
We also used compact powder puffs which I picked up from a local Scrapstore.

Before the activity, prep the canvases by creating the cross shape in the centre with masking tape. Press the tape firmly onto the canvas to prevent any gaps where paint could leak through. 

Invite the children to think about the colours for each day, & allow them to add their chosen colours to the canvas with the sponges. We painted one canvas at a time, to help us focus on each of the days. It's also helpful to have the storybook nearby so children can refer back to it if they wish. 

I've often found that great conversations take place during activities like this, with the children offering real insight or asking profound questions. It's wonderful to see their creative responses & hear why they've added their chosen colours, sometimes it's not always what you'd expect. 

Once the paint is dry, the masking tape in the centre can be peeled away revealing the white cross beneath. This reminds us of the 'surprise' on Easter Day.

This is a great collaborative activity for children of all ages to share together, & once finished, the artwork could be displayed in your Church or School. Our Easter Canvases were displayed in our local church, & visitors would often compliment them, not knowing that the artwork had been created by 3 year olds!

What's great about these Easter Canvases is that they can also be made by individuals on a smaller scale. You can pick up 6 Canvas Boards (5"x7") from The Works for just £2. These are great for kids to make & take home.


Whichever size Easter Cross Canvas you choose to make, I hope the children enjoy diving into the Easter Story & exploring it in a new colourful way! 

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