Churchyard Nature Activity Pack - To Help Children & Families Explore Your Churchyard

This FREE Churchyard Nature Activity Pack is ideal for encouraging children & families to explore your Churchyard & discover for themselves all the amazing biodiversity it offers. The activities within the pack can be printed & left in your church for visitors to explore, used with schools, or added to any environmental events you may be hosting. They're ideal to share throughout the year, & suitable for all ages.

Churchyards are fabulous places to discover a whole variety of wildlife. There is always something new to find! This pack is designed for children to take a closer look at your outdoor space & all the natural treasures it offers.

In the Nature Activity Pack you'll find:

:: Prayer Walk Sheet - offering children the chance to actively pray for wildlife as they walk around the churchyard

:: Tree Detective Sheet - inviting children to find out more about trees in or around your churchyard

:: Nature Frame - for children to draw their nature finds. If you wish, you could collect some of the artwork & create your own art gallery in the church to celebrate your wild churchyard.

:: Multisensory Scavenger Hunt - to encourage children to explore the churchyard using their senses.

:: Invitation to Pause, Rest & Listen - a printable sheet with 6 emotion cards encouraging children to explore how the natural space within the churchyard makes them feel. One of the ways to use this is to add the invitation sheet & cards to a quiet space in your churchyard, either on a bench or on some picnic blankets where families can pause, rest & listen to the sounds around them.  

You can download your FREE copy of the Nature Activity Pack here:

Churchyard Nature Activity Pack

These activity sheets have been created to use alongside the 'Small but Mighty' Nature Trail for children, but all the activities can be used independently if you wish.

You can find the free churchyard trail here:

Small but Mighty Nature Trail for Churchyards

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