Stick Heart Prayer Station - Creative Prayer for the Environment

This simple Nature Prayer Activity is ideal for any churchyard, school field, or community space, offering a creative way for all ages to collaboratively pray for the environment.

To make a Stick Heart Prayer Station, you'll need to gather a collection of fallen sticks & branches.  Use some to mark out a large heart shape outline on a flat piece of ground.

Leave a basket of sticks nearby & invite people from your community to add their own stick to the centre of the heart along with their prayer for the world. As they offer their stick prayers, the sticks intertwine with those that have been left before, filling the heart with prayers of compassion for the planet.

You could add prayer prompts to help people pray.

:: Prayers for people around the world affected by climate change
:: For countries affected by flooding or draught
:: For marine life suffering from pollution, overfishing
:: Animals who have lost habitats
:: Deforestation
:: For world leaders, that they make the right decisions for the planet
:: For your community, that they come together to make a change
:: For ourselves, that we make the right choices for God's creation 

Leave your Stick Heart Prayer Station for others to find as they pass by. The stick heart will also provide a great space for nearby insects too.

If you make one of these in your community please share a photo of it with us over on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we'd love to see it. ♥