Celebrating Spring with 15 Bird Activities for Kids

We're celebrating Spring with 15 of our favourite bird activities. Whether you're looking for outdoor activities or indoor crafts there's something for all mini ornithologists to explore here.

:: Create a Birdwatching station to observe & record the birds in your garden.

:: Make some Wild Bird Pen Toppers to help you draw & record all your observations. They also double-up as great little storytelling puppets too.

:: Design some Paperclip Birds.

:: This Garden Play scene is ideal to use with the Paperclip Birds, & even includes pop up worms! You could create different scenes or different landscapes such as a forest, beach, garden. A fun way for children to consider which birds would visit each landscape, & what food would be available for them ?

:: Create a pop-up Bird Puppet in nest using a paper plate & twigs.

:: Create a super simple No Sew Sock Owl with some of the odd socks from your laundry basket.

:: These Owl Peg Puppets are great for playing with indoors & outside.

:: Collect some bird feathers & create your own fabulous feather quill pen 

:: Turn an egg carton into a beautiful Bird Mask.

:: Create some Play Dough Owls with a few buttons & some homemade dough.

:: Explore the magic of mud in your backyard & build a Nest for the Birds.

:: Create some outdoor art with these Nature Owls.

:: Discover what it's like to be a bird & build yourself a giant nest to sit it!

:: Make your own Bird Cafe.

:: Give the birds in your backyard a treat with a Heart shaped berry bird feeder.

If you're looking for more bird themed activities & games for children the RSPB have a great selection here