Giant Story Cubes - Explore favourite tales or create your own

Looking for a creative & alternative way to explore stories? How about these giant DIY storytelling cubes. These are great for exploring familiar stories, as well as encouraging children to create new ones. Perfect for sparking imagination & ideal for a range of ages.

We used large card boxes from a craft store, but any upcycled box would work just as well.

Encourage the children to draw 6 different images on each side of the cube. They could draw absolutely anything & just let their imaginations run free, or if you're following a topic or theme, or focusing on a particular story they could add relevant illustrations to the cube.

Once completed the children can use the giant cube to construct a story.

 You could encourage them to roll the cube & the picture lands face up is the starting prompt for their story. Their narrative could be as long or as short as they wish, & they could roll the cube as many times as they desire as long as they incorporate each new image into their story. 

This creative activity not only encourages & inspires imagination & storytelling, but it also offers children as chance to share their narratives & ideas without the need to write it down. It's especially useful for kinesthetic learners, & those who may struggle with expressing their ideas on paper.

It's also just a neat way to encourage confidence, & have fun with stories.