Make a Difference #SaveSyriasChildren

Last night as I kissed my sleeping child snuggled in her bed I couldn't help but think of other mothers around the world doing the same thing. Then I thought of those mothers & fathers who have fled from their homes in Syria in search of a safe space for their family, who must be watching over their children at night, if they still had them with them, & how on earth must they be feeling. I simply cannot imagine.

Like many who have recently witnessed the horrific images of refugees washed up on shorelines, the photos of countless families fleeing their homeland, & the heartbreaking image of Aylan Kurdi the Syrian toddler on the beach, I feel I have to do something. Clearly these people are in desperate need & have risked everything in the hope of a better, more peaceful life.

We don't choose where we're born, it's the luck of the draw. We're so fortunate to have all we have. Let's never take it for granted. I don't know about you, but if I can make a difference however small to those people who have nothing, I'm going to do it.

Join me in making a difference today in these 2 simple ways.

1. Text Syria to 70008 to donate £5 to Save the Children Save Syria's Children Appeal.

2. Join with a number of UK bloggers & post a black & white image on social media of your children, family or just you with the words 'It could have been me' or 'It could have been us' along with #SaveSyriasChildren.

Please don't choose apathy, please choose at least one of the above options. Together we can make a difference.

One last thing. As you kiss your kids goodnight tonight think of other mothers just like you doing exactly the same thing, whether in a warm safe home, on a boat, or in a refugee camp.