Recycled Bubble Bottle Wind Chimes

The great weather recently has meant we've enjoyed lots of bubble play outside. Friends have bought Minnie several pots of bubbles & I hate throwing the empty containers away, so thought this was a neat way to upcycle the bright colourful containers.

We collected several empty pots, & I made a hole in the bottom of each using a bradawl.
Minnie threaded string through the holes in each container & we tied a knot to secure.

I found this container lid in our box of recycled goodies. (I love this box of recycled 'just-in-case' treasures, there's always a great find to be discovered.)

Minnie threaded the strings through the lid & I tied them on. We then looped a length of string through the lid to hang them up.... & our summer mobile was ready!

I asked Minnie if she would like to decorate them, but she wanted to leave the containers as they were. She then chose where they should hang, & had fun knocking them together to create a noise! A light breeze provided a slightly more subtle sound, but it was great to explore the impact of force, both visually & audibly!

Our upcycled chimes appeared to glow in the sunshine & are a wonderful reminder of bubble fun in the sun!

Great for exploring; weather, sounds, motor skills, & forces. Also a neat example of how we can recycle everyday items rather than just throwing them away.