Nature Prints with Clay & Elderflowers

This beautiful nature art created from wild Elderflowers is so simple to make & great for all ages to create together.

To make them we carefully collected a few elderflowers from a nearby woodland & gave each bunch of flowers a gentle shake to remove any insects that may be among the buds. 

We used terracotta clay to make our prints but any clay or salt dough would work well. To create each design we rolled small sections of clay into balls & then gently patted them down to create a round flat surface. We found that fewer flowers left a clearer print in the clay, so used only one small stem for each design.

Using the palm of our hands we gently pressed the flowers into the clay to make the impression, before carefully lifting the flower stem away at the base.

When removing the flower stem some small flowers or buds may remain in the clay, leave these where they are until the clay dries. Once dry you can remove these easily with a pin or sharp pencil without marking the clay.

These beautiful nature prints remind me of trees!

If you'd like to turn your Elderflower Prints into pendants or hanging decorations just make a hole in the clay using a straw & thread string or ribbon through.

Or how about sticking a magnet to the back & turning them into fridge magnets. They make great little gifts & are a gorgeous reminder of summer flowers throughout the year. I can definitely see us making more of these over the Summer on our woodland adventures. 

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