How to make Giant Bubbles with a Homemade Bubble Wand

Bubble blowing is one of those perfect fun-filled activities to share with children of all ages, but have you ever tried creating giant bubbles, bubbles that are bigger than your face, your arm or even your body? We had a so much fun creating these mega BIG bubbles, & all we used were just a few items from our kitchen & garden.

The beautiful Spring weather we've had recently gave us the perfect opportunity to try out our new homemade wand & bubble mixture. So much excitement was had creating these giant bubbles, & it didn't take long before all the family were involved each creating their own mega bubbles.

To construct our bubble wand we used 2 garden canes (which were both roughly 120cm) & 2 lengths of string (one roughly 120cm/47 inches & the other 140cm/55 inches). We joined the canes together using the 120cm length of string which we tied close to the top of each cane. Then using the other longer string we tied each end onto the string joining the canes, leaving a gap of around 7cm/3 inches from the sides of the cane. Don't tie the longer string to the cane as the wand won't work so well. When you've tied the strings together your wand should look like the one in the  photo below. 

For our bubble mixture we followed this great Bubble Recipe from Red Ted Art & gently mixed the ingredients together in a large jug. The mixture can be poured into bottles to store for later, but we used most of ours blowing oodles of giant bubbles!

To make the giant bubbles we dipped the string (all of it) into our container of bubble mixture making sure the string was completely submerged in the liquid.

Then Minnie carefully removed the string by lifting both canes up & out of the container & gently pulling them apart from each other causing the string to form a triangular shape (as in the photo below).

She then slowly moved backwards, holding the canes apart & pulling the string gently towards her to create the giant bubbles. 

We discovered the slower you move with the canes, the more likely the bubbles are to grow & not pop! 

And even when you're not making the giant bubbles yourself, they are amazing to watch...

... and POP! 

I love this photo capturing a giant bubble just as it bursts. Look at the movement of the liquid.

If you aim the homemade bubble wand upwards the bubbles will even float into the sky. Minnie created one which floated away & then separated into many smaller bubbles above the house which was magical to watch.

A giant bubble wand & homemade bubble mixture create endless frugal fun that all the family can share together. It's also a great way for children to explore movement, shape, liquids, & colours.

What shapes will your children make, & which colours will they find in a giant bubble?