Indoor Zip Wire

Here's our easy step by step guide for how to create an indoor zip wire!

What you'll need: a long length of string / yarn / thin ribbon, a clip clothes hanger, small toys!

Attach one end of the string to a fairly high secure object e.g. a curtain rail or wardrobe door, & the other end to a lower object e.g. a chair or table leg. I've used pieces of ribbon in the pic below to give you an idea of what it should look like (the string we used in the following photos doesn't show up all that well). During our play we discovered that string & yarn create the best zip wires, & the lower the string at the end - the faster the toys will travel! Woohoo!!

So here we go... Minnie's step by step guide to creating an indoor Zip Wire!

This simple, fun activity was again entirely created by Minnie. It's been played with around the house again & again with a wide selection of toys, & I've loved observing her imagination & creativity.

I have to add that obviously this was a supervised activity & the string was removed after Minnie had finished playing!

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