Easter Nature Frame - Create a Cross Bursting with New Life

Celebrate Easter outdoors with this Cardboard Nature Frame. Super simple to make, & perfect for all ages to explore the Resurrection through the beauty of nature.

Spring is definitely here! The bare trees & plants that died back over winter are now bursting forth with their colourful blossoms & lush green shoots, offering us a wonderful reminder of the hope that Easter brings. 

In the Easter Story, when Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday it seemed like it was the end. His friends were so sad He was no longer with them, the earth shook & the sky turned black. But it wasn't the end. On Easter Day when Mary visited Jesus' tomb the stone was rolled away & it was empty. Jesus was no longer dead, He was alive! 

This Easter Nature Frame is a reminder of the transforming power of the cross. When you take the Frame outside & hold it towards something that is bursting with life, the cross in the centre is transformed & filled with the promise of hope.

To make an Easter Nature Frame you'll need:

Recycled Cardboard - an old shoebox or cereal packet is ideal. 
Our Easter cross template which you can download here.

:: Print off the template & cut out the cross shape on the paper. 

:: Draw around the cross on your cardboard & either use a craft knife or sharp scissors to cut around the shape. Youe Easter Nature Frame is ready to use.

:: Optional: Fold the edges of our cardboard frame slightly to create a raised frame.

How to use your Easter Nature Frame:

Take your Easter Frame out with you on a walk & see how many different crosses you can make by holding up your frame & filling the centre cut-out with signs of life. 

Keep an eye out for wildflowers, tree blossom, seedlings, birds, insects, or even baby animals. When you've framed your nature cross why not take a photo of it & see how many different designs you can create.

We discovered a collection of tadpoles in a puddle on one of our walks & our Nature Frame created an amazing reflection of the cross in the water. However you use these frames, I hope enjoy exploring all this season has to offer.

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