DIY Zip Wire for Toys

Looking for a fun outdoor activity  How about making this DIY zip wire for toys.

What you'll need; a washing line, clothes prop, umbrella (with a hooked handle) & toys

Open up the umbrella & hook over the washing line. Add your toys, making sure they don't tip the umbrella to the side (a great way to explore weight & balance)

Run your umbrella to the end of the washing line & let go! Using the clothes prop raise the washing line to create a sloping line for the umbrella to slide down.

If you're playing with a friend get ready to catch the umbrella at the other end of the line, or you could run fast to see if you can catch it!

Try adding 2 umbrellas & see what happens...

Let them slide together, & then slightly apart. If you try this on a windy day, what will happen to the umbrellas?

A super simple activity, great for exploring distance, speed, size, construction, weight & weight distribution, problem solving, imagination & creativity. And the best thing about this activity was that it was completely Minnie's idea! She independently collected the items & created this play setup herself. I observed in wonder, watching her imagination & creativity speak through her movements. Another magical moment to have shared together.

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