Make Your Own Rainbow Sparkly Pasta Shapes - ideal for kids crafts

After many attempts to colour pasta for crafts I've finally found a method which is quick,
easy, frugal, & creates little mess! Yay! 

To dye our pasta we used:
A selection of food colouring
A small bottle of hand sanitiser which contains alcohol 
Resealable food bags (grip seal/zip lock bags)

* Add the dry pasta shapes to the resealable bag along with 2 generous squirts of hand sanitiser & around 5 drops of food colouring. The more food colouring you add the richer the colour will be.

* Seal the bag to prevent any mess, & then gently massage the colour into the pasta. The key word with this is gently as any sharp pasta may split the bag. 

* Once all the pasta is covered in the dye leave the pasta to sit in the bag for around 10mins. Then spread the coloured pasta on a baking sheet or a large plate to dry (I lined our baking sheet with baking parchment to prevent the pasta sticking, & used an old wooden spoon to spread the pasta so the dye didn't colour my hands).  Leave the pasta out to dry overnight.

This activity was a real hit with Minnie! We created a variety of shades (red, orange, blue, green, violet) & can't wait to try it out again using alternative pasta shapes. (I used a bag of economy pasta which was just 30p - bargain!)

The colour of the pasta was beautifully vibrant & perfect to use for craft activities.

To create some sparkly pasta shapes take a small selection of the coloured pasta & place it in an old container (we used an ice-cream tub) along with a large blob of glitter glue! You could mix the pasta & glitter glue with an old spoon, but my girl used her hands!! Sensory fun a go-go! Soon the pasta was covered in glitter, & much to her delight so were her hands!

Spread out the sparkly pasta on the baking parchment, & leave to dry for a couple of hours.

I was amazed at how fast the glue dried, & that none of the glitter came away from the pasta!

We added a little glitter glue to plain pasta which looked great too.

Not only can these bright & sparkly shapes be used in so many craft & play activities, they're fun & cheap to make, & children can be hands on creating them!


  1. This is BRILLIANT! I love glitter and this is the perfect glitter fun with kids! I think I will need to do this soon! I would love to have you link up at our party, Taking Time Tuesday! We are sharing all the fun things we took the time to do with our kids this week! Happy Glittering (if that is a word)!

  2. I love this!!! Will definitely try it! Thanks for the tips xxxx

  3. Thank you will try the rainbow for st Patrick's day crafts x

  4. Beautiful! Will have to make some sparkly sensory bins now! I would love for you to come share this at Mom;s Library!

  5. This is a great idea. looking forward to doing this with my girls newrer Christmas. will make some fab decorations for our tree x