Sensory Play

Play Dough

Homemade Play Dough Recipes

Ice-Cream Play dough - Role Play Area

Ocean Play Dough with Sounds of the Sea

Homemade Glow in the Dark Play Dough

Harvest Sensory Play - Crops & Play Dough

Natural Beetroot & Blueberry Play Dough

Cloud Dough


10 Reasons Why We Love Clay

Spring Birds

Clay Hedgehogs

Mosaic Style Candle Holders

Bead Ornaments


Making Connections with Mud

Clean Mud Play

Messy Play



Simple Sand Play perfect for imaginative play

Going on a Gold Hunt - Celebrating St Patrick's Day


Having Fun with the Chores Outside

Exploring Tea  - Outdoor Play

Garden Tea Rooms

Glow in the Dark Bath Play

Bathtime Light Play

Exploring Shells in Water

Underwater Tea Party

Outdoor Water Play with Brushes

Salt Dough

Salt Dough Easter decorations

Seasonal Sensory Play

Discovery Bottles - The Four Seasons

Four Seasons in One Day - Felt Play

Easter Canvases

Harvest Sensory Play - Crops & Play Dough

Harvest Sensory Play - Cooking with Nature

Pumpkin Gloop (Oobleck)

Decorating Pumpkins 


20 Reasons Why it's Great to Get Gardening

Butterfly Garden - Created with Recycled Materials

Paint & Glue

Painting with Patio Toys - Outdoor Play

Glowing Starry Night - Glow in the Dark Canvas

Marble Painting without Marbles

Heart Mosaics

Gloopy Glue & Sand Art

Bubble Painting the Moon

Painting Pine Cones

Decorating Pumpkins

Sycamore Dragonflies

3D Autumn Art

Eric Carle inspired Art

Art inspired by Music

Spider Web Canvas

Easter Canvases

Outdoor Water Play with Brushes

Small World Play

Winter Lake with Pine Cone Trees