Bubble Painting the Moon!

Minnie is fascinated by the moon. She can't wait to spot it as night falls & often 'catches it out' when she spots it lurking in the daytime sky. 'Moon Moon! Go moon, not dark!' is often heard as she spies it in the afternoon.

Following her fascination with the moon we found some images of it on the Internet, & I even managed to catch this snap of it one afternoon.

 We looked at the pictures & the pattern on the moon & decided it looked a little like some bubble painting we had made the previous day.

For our bubble painting we used:
An apron & plastic table covering!
A plastic cup
Washing up liquid
Ready mixed paint
A few drops of water (to make the paint a little more runny)
A4 paper (lots of it as this was a popular activity!)

There are many ways to bubble paint but we found this way the most fun!
We squeezed some washing up liquid in a cup, added some paint & a few drops of water & stirred together with a paint brush.

We then placed the cup over the paper, popped the straws inside the paint & blew to create our bubbles.

As the bubbles cascaded over the cup they made a lovely pattern on the paper below.
Then Minnie decided to rub her hands through the bubbles. This meant we lost the pattern on the paper, but gained a new sensory experience exploring the painted bubbles!

Minnie blew through the straw again & more bubbles appeared. I grabbed a piece of paper & gently place it over the bubbles so they made a print on the paper. Minnie started to mix the colours we had & created a grey/purple colour, which produced a neat marble effect on the paper.

She continued creating the bubbles & I continued catching them on the paper, until small paint puddles started to appear!

We left the paint to dry & cleared up (which I think Minnie enjoyed just as much as the activity!)

Here is our marble effect bubble painting which we think looked a little like the patterns of the moon.

To create our moon we used
Our bubble painting
A bowl (to draw around for our moon shape)
Some mod podge (PVA glue)
Some iridescent sequins

We placed the bowl over our favourite part of the bubble painting & drew around it. We cut out the circle shape & then spread some mod podge over it.

Minnie sprinkled on the sequins & we left the moon to dry. The iridescent sequins worked really well as they weren't initially visible but just sparkled now & again as they caught the light.

Once the glue was dry we stuck the moon up in Minnie's room alongside her 'twinkle twinkle star'
Now she has a beautiful mini starry night sky above her bed, although I think this could be expanding as Minnie has requested "More stars please!"

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  1. That's beautiful - and really moon-like! Thanks for linking up to Mini-Masterpieces.
    My 4 year old equally likes to 'catch the moon out' during the day, and to watch it 'following' us as we drive in the car.

  2. Thanks - delicious activity, used it at '52 days to explore'