Painting Outdoors with Water & Brushes

Have you ever tried this? It's so simple to set up & great to see how children explore

We used a large bowl of water & different sized brushes.

Here's how Minnie experimented...

First she wanted to 'paint' the wall & chose the smallest brush (which I thought she manipulated really well)

Small brushes encouraging fine motor skills

Then she moved around the side of the house & discovered a brick. She spent some time painting this & covered (or 'coloured' in her words) each side.

Then she moved onto wood...

She loved painting the tree branch & wooden rabbit in her garden area & watching the wood absorb the water

Minnie spent most of her painting time exploring the fence & painted each panel from top to bottom! She was completely focused on this activity, & it was great to see her studying the movement of the brush as she painted, carefully collecting more water when the brush was dry & remembering which panel she was working on.

It was so interesting to observe how Minnie manipulated the larger & smaller brushes, & how her brush strokes became much smaller & much more detailed with the smaller brush.

A great activity to help develop hand eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creativity & imagination too.

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