Salt Dough Easter Eggs for an Easter Tree

Every Year we decorate an Easter Tree ready for Easter Day, & every year we make new decorations for it. Our favourites are these salt dough Easter Eggs & Butterflies, simple & frugal to make, & a beautiful way to brighten up the house ready to celebrate Easter.

We use this basic recipe for our salt dough creations:
1 cup of plain flour
½ a cup of salt
½ a cup of water

Minnie mixes the dry ingredients in a large bowl & slowly adds the water until a dough consistency is formed. The dough is then given a good knead, & then it's ready to use. Minnie loves kneading & squishing the dough through her fingers, a great sensory experience.

To make our Easter decorations she rolled out the dough & used cookie cutters to create the Easter egg & butterfly shapes. We added a hole in the top of the shape (using a straw) & left to dry. So simple! :)

Once the shapes were hard, Minnie painted them with some pearlised paint, left to dry & then threaded some ribbon through the hole.

To make our Easter Tree we collected some branches from the garden & added them to an old plant pot. We secured the branches by adding Plasticine to the bottom of the pot & pushing the branches in, then added some pebbles & stones to cover the Plasticine.

Minnie then set to work decorating our Easter Tree!

We created this tree last Easter, & can't wait to get creative with one again this year. Minnie loves exploring salt dough & often plays with it, so it will be fun to see what she makes for the tree this Easter!

For coloured salt dough check out One Crafty Mumma  for a great recipe (where you add food colouring to the dough) which produces some fantastic results! We'll be having a go at this again soon! :-)