Mud - exploring & celebrating this natural play resource!

My kiddo loves everything about magical MUD! When rainwater collects in our garden containers, she can't wait to transfer it to her play area, & mix up some MUD! If there is a muddy puddle she's splashing, if there is a mud pie to be made she's baking it, where there is mud... there is Minnie!

One of my favourite observations is of Minnie exploring mud in the garden, & adding it to an old sunhat, before placing the hat upside on her head & carrying it across the lawn. 

After carefully placing the hat on the floor she patted the mud onto a wall. When I asked her what she was doing she replied; "I'm making a house like in Africa!" She loves watching "Little Human Planet" (a BBC programme exploring children's lives around the world) & was fascinated by one episode in which a young boy helps his Dad repair their mud hut in Africa. It was wonderful to see her making connections, & acting out this scenario in her back garden in the UK.

Here's our latest messy play experience with mud. Minnie originally just had her paddling pool out with some water, but the free water play developed...

Soon the watering can was filled & water was added to Minnie's garden area.

Then she began mixing properties together to create mud

As it was a fairly warm day she was enjoying being in the garden barefoot & it didn't take long for her to discover the gorgeously gooey texture & properties of this natural matter with her feet!

This was perfect for exploring all those fabulous descriptive words
(slippy, oozy, thick, smooth, gooey, squelchy, sticky, sucking).

Minnie enjoyed covering her hands as well as her feet in mud before washing them in the rather muddy paddling pool water, then repeating the process! 

She collected more mud, carried it in her preferred method (on her head) & added it to the mud bath! 

One of Minnie's dolls was lucky enough to take the first dip in the mud bath! Followed closely by Minnie!

Then she moved on to body painting & explored the tactile properties of mud!

Once again the doll was lucky enough to experience Minnie's first mudpack!

This muddy play & exploration lasted for over an hour until Minnie began to feel cold. It was very messy, but lots of fun & gave Minnie a wealth of natural sensory experiences & learning opportunities. As an added bonus everything could be hosed down at the end of the activity & returned to it's original state! (Minnie was hosed down in a warm shower!)

This free magical resource is just waiting to be discovered in your backyard. How will you explore it? Check out the great selection of mud & dirt activities at Hands on As We Grow! Have fun!

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