10 Reasons Why We Say "Hooray for Clay!"

Playing with clay is one of Minnie's favourite activities, & I love the fact that it offers so many learning opportunities.

Here are 10 reasons why we say...

“Hooray for Clay!”

1 Clay offers endless opportunities for expressive & imaginative play. It encourages creative thought processes & problem solving.
2  It develops fine motor skills as little fingers & hands manipulate the clay, & gross motor skills in children’s arms & shoulders as children pound the clay or roll out large slabs.
3 It’s a sensory material that can be rolled, poked, pinched, patted, squelched, squashed, stretched, pounded, picked up, & pushed down! The clay responds to each of the above actions, and the child is learning that their actions have consequences.
4 Children can find clay therapeutic & soothing to use, & it can help to release frustration & tension in some children.
5 Clay is a great material for little ones to explore texture & sensory play. What happens when you add water or sand to the clay?
6 Clay allows you to make mistakes & repair them, giving children a sense of control, & building self confidence & self esteem.
7 It helps develop hand-eye coordination.
8 It encourages numeracy skills. Children consider mathematical & spatial problems as they think about the height, thickness, weight, size, balance, or length of their clay creations.
9 Clay allows children to create an object which will last forever!
10 And last but not least... It’s fun!

Many of the items we use with clay are natural objects which enable some great discoveries. Pine cones, wooden rolling pins, wooden spoons, pebbles & stones, cinnamon sticks, dried poppy heads, corn & barley, leaves, twigs, & dried flowers, dried orange slices, shells etc all offer a variety of textures & smells to explore alongside the clay.

Minnie used a dried poppy head to create the pattern below. To turn it into a wall hanging we simply attached a ribbon to the back & now have it hanging in our kitchen. 

Hooray for Clay & all it has to offer!

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