Exploring Shells

Minnie loves water play, & when I found a selection of shells I had had for ages, I couldn't resist setting up this simple activity.

I spread the shells out next to Minnie's old baby bath, which I filled with a small amount of water. Minnie was excited to find them & soon became totally absorbed in this simple activity.

She placed each shell in the water & commented on its change in appearance once wet.

She sorted & grouped the shells in order of size, shape ('flat' & 'round' shells), & texture ('shiny' & 'bumpy')

 before pouring with them & commenting on capacity; "not much in here Mummy!"

She splashed with the larger shells & watched as they slowly sunk to the bottom, then she floated the smaller shells on the surface. When she had finished exploring the shells, she scooped them out of the bath & dried them on the towel. "All clean Mummy now" she added happily.

It was brilliant to see so much fun, language, & early maths discovery come from just a few shells & an old baby bath!

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  1. What a lovely activity! And thanks for inspiring me to give our baby bath some new life!

  2. Thank you Maryanne :) Have fun with the baby bath!