Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tape Resist Art - Easter Canvases

I've been wanting to try out some tape resistant art ever since I saw the beautiful snowflake over at Frugal Family Fun Blog. It' such a clever, simple technique which produces some amazing art.

I bought three large canvases, some masking tape, & a selection of paints for our toddler group to create three images for Easter.

To make the shape of a cross I stuck several layers of masking tape onto each canvas, making sure there were no gaps where the paint could run into.

Masking tape cross in the middle of the canvas
After talking a little about what happened on Palm Sunday, Good Friday & Easter Day, the children helped choose some of the colours to represent each day.

Some amazing effects were produced using small powder puffs & sponges, along with fingerprints & hands. They loved exploring the properties of the paint without using paintbrushes.

Here are the finished canvases which our local Church has asked to display over Easter! I love the movement in each picture & the swirls of light.





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