Celebrating Creation - 10 Nature Prayer Activities for All Ages

Inspired by nature, these 10 prayer activities are ideal for all ages to creatively pray for God's Creation. Whether young in years or young at heart, they encourage us to consider our impact upon the earth, & how we can make a difference.

1. Plant a some Hope! Head out on an Autumn seed hunt & see if you can find any conkers, acorns, or other seeds. Plant the seed you've collected in a homemade compostable plant pot like these. As you plant the seed, say a pray of hope for the planet. 

Some trees grow really quickly, whilst others take a little longer to appear. Sometimes all hope seems lost, we can't see any chance of it appearing. But hope never gives up, no matter how long it takes.

Have FAITH that your tree will grow, & God will hear your prayer. Have HOPE that your tree will grow strong, just as we do when we're rooted in Christ. LOVE & care for your tree, just as God loves & cares for you.

2. Children adore making these Clay & Twig Hedgehogs which are ideal to pray for our Hedgerows & habitats. Included in this post are our Free downloadable Hedgehog Prayer Pledges for children to colour. 

3. Deign a Nature Cross. Use flower petals, leaves, sticks, or seeds to create a cross on the ground. Jesus teaches us to love our neighbour, whether they live nearby, in our country, or on the other side of the world. The choices we make have an impact on our planet & all our neighbours. As you make your cross, pray for those around the world who are currently suffering from the effects of climate change due to the actions of others. What changes can we make to create less of an impact on the planet?

4. This tactile Leaf Prayer encourages all ages to pray for our world, our actions, & the future. A super simple prayer activity using just Autumn leaves. Find out more here: Simple Leaf Prayer - Praying for Creation.

5. Give thanks for creation as you walk around your neighbourhood with these Journey Sticks. Ideal to explore your churchyard or on a church family walk.

6. Pray for pollinators by making these Bee Friendly Seed Packs & pebble planters to share with folk in your community.

7. Give thanks for trees & plants with this multisensory Nature Frame activity.

8. Use some Autumnal nature finds to create your own animals. As you make them, think about where they live on the planet, their habitat & climate. Whether they live on land or in water, fly in the air or live underground, thank God for them & all creatures that we share this planet with.

9. Weave a prayer for marine life & the ocean with these colourful Fish Weaving Prayers.

10. Build a giant Stick Heart. This collaborative prayer activity is ideal for all ages to pray for the environment together. Read more about how you can create one here: Stick Heart Prayer Station