Eco-Friendly Plant Pots for Kids to Make

We've spent the last few weeks planting vegetable & flower seeds for our garden hoping they'll produce a crop this Summer as good as last year. For the last few years, we've tried to recycle as much as we can in the garden & when growing seeds we try to always use these homemade pots. Not only are they simple to make & of course easy to source, but they're biodegradable too!

I'm a great believer that anyone can make a garden or growing area where they live, even if you have limited space (see our 'Growing in Small Spaces' post) or a limited budget. These plant pots cost nothing, all you need is a little compost, a few seeds, & a little creativity & you'll be growing your own veggies in no time.

I love seeing children getting passionate about gardening & this activity is great for kids of all ages to get involved with. The pots are fun to make, but they also encourage children to think about reusing items, & the impact even simple things like plant pots can have on our environment.

To upcycle our humble loo rolls into eco-friendly plant pots we cut 4 opposing slots (around 2.5cm) into one end of the tube, & then folded them out to create 4 tabs.

We then carefully folded them in & over one another to create the base of the pot. We found this was easier if we folded 2 opposing tabs in first, & then folded the other tabs under & over to create a woven pattern.

When we'd made enough for our seeds we filled them with our peat-free compost.

These little biodegradable pots are great, but like any plant pot, they need a base to hold any excess water. Again you could buy a plastic plant base, but we have found our upcycled version is the perfect shape to sit neatly on our windowsills. 

To make our eco-friendly plant container we simply recycled an old (clean) drinks carton & cut out one side. This holds our upcycled plant pots safely in place, & collects any drainage. The great thing is that when the seedlings are ready to plant out, this container can be used again & again... & it doesn't cost a penny. 

We've recently planted out these peas & sunflower seedlings in their pots. Their roots will make their way out of the pot & through the soil eventually, but if you prefer not to plant the pot straight into the ground you could unwrap the cardboard tube (which is easier to do when it's wet) & gently lift your plant & its roots out before planting.

These eco-friendly pots are the perfect size for growing seedlings,
 & they make a neat activity for all the family to share together.

Wouldn't it be great if we could reduce unnecessary plastic waste from the garden & encourage our kids from a young age to think about the simple differences they can make? Using these upcycled plant pots may seem like an insignificant change, but every change, however small, makes a big difference in the end.