Simple Leaf Prayer - Praying for Creation

Here's a simple creative way to pray for creation. This tactile prayer is ideal for all ages & uses Autumn leaves to help us focus on our world, our actions, & how we can make a difference.

Setting Up

To set up this prayer activity you'll need a selection of dry crispy autumn leaves. You could spread them out on a table for people to collect, place them in a basket, or if you're outside with trees nearby invite folk to collect their own leaves. 

Leaf Prayer

Place a leaf in your palm. As you look at it, gently feel its texture. Think of the tree it's fallen from. 

Say together:

Thank you God for all that trees offer us.

Thank you for their beauty & their shade.

Thank you for the shelter & the food they provide for wildlife. 

Thank you that they help make our air cleaner, improve our water & enrich our soil.

Slowly close your hand & scrunch up the leaf.

Say together:

We are sorry we have taken for granted all you have given us.

We are sorry for not thinking of others.

We are sorry for not thinking of wildlife. 

We are sorry for not caring.

Open your hand & crumble/tear the leaf into pieces.

Say together:

Forgive our selfishness.

Forgive our apathy.

Forgive our neglect.

Restore in us compassion.

Restore in us justice.

Restore in us action. 

Hold the broken leaf in your hand. As you say Amen, scatter it like confetti.

Say together:

We pledge to have hearts for creation.

We pledge to have voices for creation.

We pledge to make the right choices for creation. 

We pledge to care for your world, now & always.