Clay & Twig Hedgehogs - Includes free Printable Hedgehog Prayer Pledges to Colour

Make your own super cute Clay & Twig Hedgehog, & discover why these little creatures are in need of our help. Alongside these, you'll also find our Hedgehog Prayer Pledge for kids to colour, which you can download for free [link at bottom of page].

Hedgehogs rely on hedgerows & the edges of woodlands not only for shelter but also for food supplies. The biodiversity found in a hedgerow sustains many woodland creatures, but with the risk of more hedgerows being cut back, these little creatures are under threat.

These nocturnal creatures need our help & this little activity, along with our free printable, reminds us that we can do simple things to make a difference.

To make our Clay & Stick Hedgehogs you'll need:
Air drying clay
Small twigs 
A couple of small stones (optional)

Collect a few thin twigs & snap them ready to make small spikes for your hedgehog.
Take a ball of clay & roll it into an egg shape.

To make the hedgehog's face, push down one end of the clay.
Push the twigs into the main body of the clay to create the hedgehog's spines.
Add two small holes to create the eyes for your hedgehog's face, or a couple of tiny stones
Leave your hedgehog to dry overnight, & the clay will be set & ready to play with the next day. 

Hedgehog Prayer

If you like, you could hold your finished hedgehog in your hands & say this prayer:

Thank you God for hedgehogs,
For their protective sharp spines & sparkly bright eyes.
Help us to care for them,
And all creatures that live in hedgerows & woodlands.

Hedgehog Prayer Pledge Cards 

You might also like to print off these Hedgehog Prayer Pledges for kids to colour in & take home with their hedgehog creations. You can download your free Printable cards here. For best results print on a thin white card.