Journey Sticks - Giving thanks for God's Creation

These Journey Sticks are a fabulous outdoor prayer activity for kids of all ages to celebrate God's creation. 

Journey sticks have been used for many years by travellers wanting to share their stories with others on their return. The idea is to head out on an adventure, & as you travel you attach any natural items that you find on your route to your journey stick. It's a great way to encourage kids to be thankful, to be mindful of creation, to discover things which they may not have had time to notice before, & to be fully present in the season.

All you need is a stick, some double-sided tape or rubber bands & you're ready to collect your treasures. (If you're heading on a wet walk, obviously rubber bands will work better.)

As you attach each item to your Journey Stick think about where it came from. Maybe you'll discover seeds that will grow into mighty trees, or leaves that could be shelter for animals & insects, or even feathers that have fallen from beautiful birds. Maybe you'll find colourful fallen flower petals or long swishy grasses. As you add each one to your stick thank God for it by saying; "Thank you God for our amazing world."

When you come to the end of your journey take your stick home & look at all the different treasures you've found. Why not share your finds with your family along with this simple prayer.

Thank you God for our amazing world.
Help us to look after it.