Homemade Rainbow Crayons

Since making our Easter Crayons a few months ago we've been keen to try this activity again & explore how we might mix the colours together this time. We collected some more old wax crayons, sorted them into similar colours, added to dishes, & melted them using the same technique as we used before.

This time we used a heart shaped silicone mould & instead of filling each section with one colour, we poured in just enough wax to cover the base of each shape. We then left the colour to set for a minute or two before adding another thin layer of the next colour on top. After another couple of minutes we added a different colour & repeated until each section was filled to the top.

We left the crayons to cool completely at room temperature for about an hour before removing them from the mould. If they're taken out any earlier they lose their shape.

As soon as they came out of the moulds we had to try them out. We loved discovering how you could draw a rainbow with just one crayon! These are great for exploring patterns & colours, & are a nice chunky shape for little hands to hold.

We've since made more of these to share with friends & my girl has given them to her classmates too. We kept a few crayons back & added these to small gift bags along with this label. I'm hoping these will create many more rainbows to brighten those clouds away. ♥