Simple Hanging Strawberry Planters for Kids to Make

These hanging planters are perfect for kids to grow their own trailing strawberries or tomato plants in. Made from recycled items, they're frugal & simple to make, & great for practicing some threading skills too. 

To make our fruit planters we used: a plastic plant pot, ball of garden twine/string, wooden beads (from an old car seat cover!), & thin strips of coloured ribbon.

We started by cutting 3 long lengths of string (each approx 30") & threaded one length through one of the holes at the base of the flowerpot securing with a knot on the outside. We did the same with the 2 other lengths of string, making sure our flowerpot was secure & the string was evenly spaced. Once the string is tied you should end up with 3 long lengths of string at the top of the pot ready to hang your planter later.
To create some funny faces around the planter we threaded the wooden beads onto the string & added facial details with a Sharpie pen. We then tied the loose ends of string together, making sure that the pot would hang straight once a plant was added. I made several of these planters with a group of young children & we added a pebble to the pot to act as a weight to help us do this. 

We thought we'd add a little colour to our funny face beads so gave them funky hair by folding 3 strips of thin ribbon in half & then twisting them tightly together before pushing them into the top of the bead to secure.

Our hanging planters were almost ready to decorate our outdoor space, all we needed now were the strawberry plants.

The hanging planters are now proudly decorating the side of our shed & brightening up a space in our garden that was once rather dull. The strawberries are growing well too & we can't wait to watch them slowly change to their gorgeous red colour.

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