Beads made from Recycled Wrapping Paper

We're still on a bit of a bead theme & have been making our own for more threading fun! These paper beads were made from recycled wrapping paper & old magazines, making them an inexpensive activity that would be ideal for older children too.

To create our beads Minnie cut (& ripped) strips of paper. We discovered the strips don't have to be exactly perfect or straight to produce beautiful beads. 

Taking a strip of paper we rolled it around a pencil (as if rolling with a rolling pin) making sure the paper was tightly wrapped. To secure we added glue to the end of the strip, then gently pushed the paper bead off the pencil.

We created different shaped beads simply by cutting the paper in different ways.

To create an oval shaped bead we cut a triangular shape & rolled the widest end of paper first.

Minnie used pinking shears on some strips which created these cracker-style beads.

These can be created in so many shapes & sizes (the wider the paper the bigger the bead) & crafted from any paper you have around your home, although thinner paper is easier to use.

To make simple bead decorations Minnie threaded her homemade beads onto a pipe cleaner & secured at the ends. Any ribbon or thread would work well too, Minnie just found the pipe cleaner easier to manipulate, & they made simple but effective Christmas tree decorations.

Minnie discovered they make pretty bracelets too! Oh so festive & stylish! ;-)