DIY Reindeer Antlers - Made from a Recycled Cardboard Box

These reindeer antlers were quick & easy to make, perfect for some instant Christmassy fun! 

To make them we used; one side of an old cardboard box, a sheet of A4 Card (which we cut length ways into 2 long strips) sticky tape, sticky dots & stickers to decorate

To create the headband we stuck the two strips of  card together using sticky tape. For our antlers I drew a (rough) antler shape on paper, then cut it out to create a template. I then used it to draw around on the cardboard box. 

My girl keenly decorated the antlers with our sticky dots, saving a red one for her nose, so she could be Rudolf!

She added a few silver stars & holly leaves to the headband before we attached the antlers with sticky tape. 

Our reindeer headgear was ready to be worn!

My girl was so proud of her antlers! It didn't take long for her to add them to her rocking horse which turned it into a reindeer! Genius!

She ran off to grab her red coat & a Christmas hat from another room & she became Father Christmas! The imaginative play flowed & soon she had a bag for all the presents, & collected toys from around her room to fill it. I can’t tell you how much joy was in this play, it was magic! And it all started with a recycled cardboard box!