Rainbow Friendship Sticks exploring Diversity - 'Let's Stick Together'

 My kiddo created these Rainbow Friendship Sticks for her friends this week & I absolutely adore them. So simple to create, with a message that comes straight from the heart.

These are ideal for all ages to make, from toddlers to teens everyone can get creative. To make them my girl used small pieces of driftwood that we collected on a recent beach walk. Any sticks would work just fine as long as they're fairly dry before you add the paint.

She painted a single piece of driftwood for each of her friends using waterbased & pearlised paints, carefully choosing the colours & design for each one. Once dry she used a sticky dot to attach them to a card & added her simple message "Let's Stick Together."

I just think these are such poignant little gifts, especially when it feels like our world is rather unsettled at the moment. The wise words of Jo Cox came to mind whilst looking at these Rainbow Sticks the other day; "We have more in common than that which divides us." 

Each stick was different, yet the same. Some sticks were short, some long, some were solid, others hollow. Some were wide & chunky, others thin. Some were old & weathered, others branched out supporting new twigs. All different in appearance, but the same.

These Rainbow Friendship Sticks would be great for children to explore diversity with their friends or classmates. The coloured paints could represent different things that are important to each child, or represent a skill or quality they each hold. They're a great way to start a conversation with young children & a creative way to explore personal, social & emotional development.

I love the rainbow on these little sticks too, for me, it symbolises hope, love, unity & friendship. The best thing about a rainbow is that it's made up of so many different colours all united together to create something beautiful.

A simple, fun craft that also explores colours, colour mixing, textures & design. However you paint your friendship sticks, I'm sure they'll look beautiful & add some wonderful colour to someone's day.

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