Heart-Shaped mini pom-pom Badges - Lolly Stick Craft

Did you see our Magnetic Hearts made from lolly sticks? Well, we couldn't resist making more. This time though we turned them into funky badges. This is a great craft for tweenagers to encourage creativity & self-expression, & would be perfect for any Brownie or Guide Group activity. 

Badges & pins are an easy way for tweens to accessorize any outfit, & these heart pom-pom badges are perfect for showcasing your individual style. You could decorate them using bright bold colourful pom-poms, or create a monochrome design, use just a single block of colour, or throw together a random mix, the choice is yours. Create your own design to customize your favourite outfit, or make them to share with friends. 

To make the wooden hearts for the back of these heart badges we used a wide lolly stick. (See how we made them here.)

We used a bag of small pom-poms which came in two sizes & found these were an ideal size for the hearts we had made. To attach the pompoms we used a hot glue gun. If you'd like to share this activity with younger children & are not keen on using the glue gun, there are some colourful self-adhesive pompoms available from Baker Ross.

My kiddo loved creating these heart badges & soon made quite a collection. As she was making them she discovered it was easier to add the glue to the wooden heart & add each pompom separately, otherwise, the glue dried too quickly & just became messy.

When she had completed her designs & the glue was dry she used the hot glue again to attach a brooch back to the reverse of the badge.

Our Heart pompom badges were ready to be worn & make a statement! 
My girl is wearing hers with pride!

I think there's something awesome & empowering about wearing something you've made. It shows the world your creative spirit, your style, who you really are. And if you've made one for a friend, then it tells them how valued they are.

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