Kid's Activities for the Big Garden Birdwatch

Are you joining in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend? It's a great way for kids to explore the wildlife they have in their backyard & your findings help the RSPB collate information about wild birds around the country. There's still time to join in; just follow this link to download all you need. 

In the meantime, here are some great bird crafts & activities for your mini ornithologists to explore.

:: Create a Bird Watching station to observe & record the birds in your garden.

:: Make some Wild Bird Pen Toppers to help you draw & record all your observations. They also double-up as great little storytelling puppets too.

:: Design some Paperclip Birds.

:: Create a pop-up Bird Puppet in nest using a paper plate & twigs.

:: Create a super simple No Sew Sock Owl by recycling odd socks from your laundry basket.

:: These Owl Peg Puppets made from recycled materials are great for playing with indoors & outside.

:: Collect some bird feathers & create your own fabulous feather quill pen

:: Spread a little love with these cute Bird Cards.

:: Create some Play Dough Owls with a few recycled buttons & some homemade dough.

:: Explore the magic of mud in your backyard & build a Nest for the Birds.

:: Create some outdoor art with these Nature Owls.

:: Discover what it's like to be a bird & build yourself a giant nest to sit it!

:: Make your own Bird Cafe.

:: Give the birds in your backyard a treat with a Heart shaped berry bird feeder.

Hope you have fun joining in the Big Garden Birdwatch & discover just how many birds are enjoying your outdoor space.