The Little White Owl Peg Puppets

Beautiful owls inspired by a beautiful book!

One of the books Minnie loves reading with Daddy is 'The Little White Owl' by Tracey Corderoy. It's one of those books she reads again & again!!

It's the story of a solitary little white owl who sets off in search of new friends. He eventually finds a group of owls who all look very different from him & judge him only by his appearance. They quickly discover the 'plain' looking owl is full of 'colours in his heart' as he shares his wonderful stories & adventures with them, & soon they never want him to leave.

As Minnie & Daddy often share this book together we thought we'd make an owl related gift for Father's Day... Oh & several owl puppets too!;-)

To create the owl templates I used card from a cereal box. Minnie helped me draw around some of the shapes & cut them out.

The owls in the book have an array of brightly coloured feathers, so we collected some colourful scraps of fabric & Minnie set to work cutting it up to create the feathers. (I did help out a little as some of the fabric was tricky for little hands to cut)

Minnie glued the cardboard templates, decorated her owls, & together we trimmed around the fabric.

She added eyes, & a beaks which she created herself.
I love how each one has its own expression & personality.

To complete the owl puppets Minnie glued a wooden clothes peg on the reverse (we used a fairly strong glue to prevent the pegs flying off during play).

The parliament of owls soon grew with the addition of baby owls!

These owl peg puppets have been great for imaginative play outside.

And great for inside play too! (Minnie created this tree using twigs from the garden & a few fir cones in the bottom of a container.) They owl installation certainly brightens up my living room!

To create the memo gift for Father's Day we added a self adhesive magnetic strip to the peg. This useful little owl can now be used anywhere. (Minnie chose the pink owl for Daddy)

These owl puppets often adorn nearby shrubs & fly around the garden as Minnie acts out the story of 'The Little White Owl' & many others too!

I hope our wise old owl has room for this new addition in his office.


  1. My daughter would have chosen a pink owl as well :)

    I love your little creatures.. they are so cute. And having the peg in the back it is so good to attach the owls wherever you like. Brilliant :)

    I`ll have a think.. maybe some cute creature will appear in our garden soon ;)

  2. Very cute! Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm your newest follower.

    Inspiring You To Save

  3. Hi, Tim Warnes & Jane Chapman here (illustrator of The Little White Owl) - we LOVE Minnie's owls! We've got an owl tree of our own sitting by the fire too. We're going to tweet it tomorrow after seeing your inspiring blog.
    (So glad you like the book because it's one of my favourites - Jane).

  4. Hi Tim & Jane, Thank you so much for sharing our little owls. We absolutely love your book & it's become a family favourite. I've bought several copies as gifts for friends too. Looking forward to reviewing more of your fab books soon.